Abhinav Anand
Marketing Initiative

Flipkart goes #FullOnFab and we can’t handle it!

The brand skillfully leveraged social media to make users guess the next best product launch…

These days coming up with an effective marketing tactic, is a humongous task. With social media running rampant, it's important that marketing campaigns are able to build momentum with their audiences in order to achieve their goals. Often brands have leveraged this aspect to attain great traction for their campaigns which have further built vast reception for their product or services. While there remain to be no set rules of what works perfectly, the idea of being able to bring out the most effective campaign is still a hefty piece of work.

Currently creating buzz all over the internet is the talk around Flipkart’s #FullOnFab campaign. With the idea to tap into the GenZ audiences, the campaign has used the contest route in the most effective way possible. With a full-fledged conversation taking place on Twitter and Instagram, the campaign urges users to guess which product is going to be launched on Flipkart on 1st April. The top 20 winners who guess the right answer are assured with Flipkart vouchers of Rs 500, this also aided the campaign to generate interest among users to be indulged in this activity.

With the purpose of the campaign focused towards building intrigue and keeping the audiences on their toes to find out about the product that is being launched. The campaign saw a great number of organic entries which helped it reach the top trending spot on Twitter. The #FullOnFab as a hashtag was also seen trending in the top 3 for almost 5-6 hours with the Flipkart mother brand getting a positive rub-off effect and trending till 6 am the next day as one of the top trends.

By having built a wave of anticipation among the users using various tweets and posts, it had given Samsung the perfect platform to launch their new model as a continuation to its “F” Series on Flipkart. The model is called Samsung Galaxy F12 which is positioned as #FullOnFab Smartphone.

The contest was further amplified with scads of participation on Twitter and Instagram. Various handles could be seen presenting their guesses to the contest with their participation aiding in building anticipation around the contest. This mystery-led-buzz resulted in creating intrigue and an additional higher reach when the product was actually demystified.

While all these marketing plans and strategies come down to show us the true potential that social media platforms hold, it is also essential for brands to be able to leverage this potential in the most effective ways possible. With vast opportunities on offers and a successful campaign as an example, there is a lot that brands can learn from Flipkart's #FullOnFab campaign. The idea of riding the wave of anticipation has efficiently worked for them to build the buzz around their product launch. The time chosen was also so accurate, that they used this to build the question among users of whether it was just an elaborate April Fool prank? Being a perfect combination of all the right steps, the #FullOnFab campaign has yielded effective results and has built the right stage for the launch of an equally amazing product.

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