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GoNuts: Celebrity Commerce that Builds Human Connection through Personalised Video messages, Influencer Marketing and Branded Content

Accessing celebrities was never so easy; Gifting experiences never so memorable.

Parul Gupta and Gautam Tambay raised a funding of $31 million for their Ed-Tech startup Springboard. And to surprise them, their dear friend and then the Head of Growth, Prashant Sharma wanted to send them a personalised congratulatory video from the eminent singer Shaan. However, there were three major challenges before him, namely-

● How can he reach Shaan? Time spent on this?

● Layers of people he needs to pass to reach Shaan, and will he agree to deliver the message?

● What would be the Turnaround Time? And cost?

This is when Gonuts came to his rescue, and with a click of a button, all his problems were solved. In a matter of 24 hrs, he had a personalised video from Shaan wishing his friends and founding members of Springboard. Welcome to the new age of Celeb commerce at a click of a button.

The vision of Gonuts is to make the lives of their customers and stakeholders richer. In the big and ambiguous entertainment ecosystem, discovery, access and price is ambiguous and has been thus far out of bounds to consumers and small businesses. That has now changed.

Gonuts, using technology, delivers easy, fast, reliable, affordable, customizable and personalised video messages that aim to enhance human experience and connection by making the top stars and celebrities of the digital world a part of your most memorable occasions.

The founders of Gonuts realised that common folks and small SME’s don’t have direct access to their favourite stars and fandom suppressed over decades is now unleashed on demand at the click of a button.

What is Gonuts for Business?

There are over 50 million SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in India who spend around Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh in marketing every year. Almost 40% of them are currently online. Most of their budget is spent on run-of-the-mill stuff like pamphlets, inserts in newspapers or local cable ads

They have a deep desire to hire celebrities for their marketing campaigns but don’t know whom to contact or don’t trust middlemen. Even if this 40% spend a lakh online, its a $8-10b TAM, which Gonuts now plans to address. Addressing this need, they launched “Gonuts for Business”, with the idea to empower SMEs using celebrities, through influencer marketing and branded content.

In a sense making them “Atmanirbhar”.

“Ab chota business bhi karega bada dhamaka”, is exactly how they plan to empower small businesses, young entrepreneurs and business owners. If you’ve got budget constraints, no problem! All you have to do is tell them what’s your budget and they will find you the best stars in your budget to promote your business.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should GoNuts

1. Increases Brand Awareness

According to LaunchMetrics’ 2018 State of Influencer Marketing report, 90% of marketers agree that influencers help them increase brand awareness.

Influencers don’t just promote your brand they also share it with their own audience, providing your brand with immediate exposure. This exposure will turn the audience into potential customers.

This customer database will give you an idea of your target audience and you can further create strategies to engage them with your brand.

2. Enhances Trust and Credibility

Though in the initial phase, Gonuts aims to empower SMEs and start ups, in their marketing needs, the biggest opportunity is hyperlocalisation. Local kinara stores, salons, jewellers, will now use Gonuts to reach their target audiences.

Marketing is about customer experience and localisation.

Gonuts provides a regional footprint to be able to get local stars and celebrities.

When these influencers, facilitated by Gonuts, partner with a brand, it helps build salience and alters the perception of how people perceive the brand. A prominent influencer promoting your brand builds credibility and provides an edge over competitors.

3. Provides a Level Playing Field for smaller brands with the Big Brands

It’s no secret that big brands have big budgets and can rope in any celebrity they want to advertise their brand. In terms of marketing, a local jewelry store stands no chance before Tanshiq or Joylukkas.

But Gonuts changes this completely for you, imagine, Evelyn Sharma or Pooja Bedi advertising your brand. The impact it will create is amazing. People are well aware of the fact that a big brand can get any star they want but now, a small brand can easily access an artist at competitive prices and take the marketing fight to big brands for any occasion or theme.

4. Ab Budget Nahi, Engagement Badhao

Budget plays a huge part in marketing. Gonuts understands that a small business owner can’t spend lacs to hire a star and promote the brand. At, the influencer marketing solutions start as low as ₹5000 and deliver you the best talent at an affordable price point.

Going nuts for your business doesn’t look like a bad idea now, right?

5. Bridging the Gap B/w Your Brand and Budding Influencers

Since the pandemic, we have seen a rise in subscriptions to OTT platforms. This has given birth to a new breed of influencers who are prominent household names and famous among millennials.

As a result, the engagement rate of such influencers is pretty high. Macro influencers (100k+- up to 1 million) have a highly targeted audience because they are experts in their niche. When you partner with them, you stand to gain from highly responsive and valid leads, improving your conversions and sales.

Gonuts also bridges the gap between your small business and macro/micro-influencers at an attractive price point for influencer marketing and branded content.

GoNuts Disrupting the Course of Traditional Gifting and Influencer Marketing For B2B

In the year 2020, consumer behaviour changed. Everyday things like commuting, working out, gifting to influencer marketing are at the brink of disruption and Gonuts is at the forefront of changing how consumers seek and engage with celebrities.

The wedding card industry is a $1b industry. Now Gonuts aims to disrupt that with digital wedding cards using your favourite celebrity.