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How Flipkart took the blame for bad planners this Valentine’s Day

The e-commerce brand took the blame of delayed gifts upon itself, saving the gifter the embarrassment of forgetting to order a gift in time for V-Day.

It is hard to navigate the many complications of choosing and delivering a Valentine’s Day gift for a significant other. Expectations are high, and the standards are even higher.

But then, Gen-Z consumers are like no other. They set their own rules and are comfortable in their own skin — traditional expectations are not for them.

This Valentine’s, Flipkart has set out to be the perfect wingman for GenZ consumers with some super deals on super gifts from a wide selection of premium brands, and combo gift sets. And here’s the twist:

  • If you placed your order last minute, Flipkart will take the blame for the order arriving later than your partner expected.

  • To bring this idea to life, Flipkart has come up with a clever and innovative campaign for Valentine’s Day this year — ‘blame it on Flipkart’.  

  • The concept is based on the observation that many people forget to order a Valentine’s gift and search for last minute gift shopping.

While you search for last minute shopping ideas and services on Google, Flipkart cleverly plugs in search ads on last minute gift shopping keywords. Now all you need to do is place your Valentine’s Day order on Flipkart and share your partner’s details. Not only it the promised delivery time 24 hours, but Flipkart goes one step ahead - It sends a delivery update message to your partner, taken the blame for the delay upon itself. The result? Happy couples and happy Flipkart customers. The campaign is a cheeky and human take on gifting on last minute gifting.  

Influencers also took part in the campaign posting audio visual content created for this activation, generating millions of video views and resulting in widespread conversations for the brand through post shares, comments, and likes. Influencers highlighted the campaign’s success by mentioning the clever use of tech to solve a highly relevant problem for consumers on Valentine’s Day.

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