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How Four Corner Render Design is all about the digital design solutions…know how & what?

Founded by Jateen Rajput and Moin Mansuri, the company offers a plethora of digital design solutions for VFX for productions, virtual museums, event spaces, virtual sets, virtual events, as well as exhibitions, mall décor, retail displays, real estate showcases and showrooms.

As the world of today moves towards a digital-first landscape, it has become crucial for businesses to adopt this paradigm shift. From the smartphone we buy to the food we order to in-store experience we get, businesses have been quick to undertake the digital route. Taking a novel yet thoughtful stride, Four Corner Render Design, a creative content development company has stepped up to offer the world of physical events/stores the much-needed digital solution. The UI and design can be adapted to offer 360 degree views, Augmented Reality Experiences and can also be used to offer 360 degree virtual tours and brand experiences.

The Mumbai-based company’s aim is to enable clients to get an cinematic 3D-360 experience of the physical world through design solutions. Design solutions not just allows the client to render real designs which the eye sees and mind visualises, but also provide their consumers with immersive and evocative content. It helps in making ideas come alive and create comfort, where there is not. It has the power to convey compelling storytelling as conventional advertising, with additional benefits like involving the consumer in the journey of the brand/product itself. Such value add can be provided by the range of products made available by the company.

On the venture, Jateen shares, “Believing in magic is one thing and creating it is another, I strongly believe in the latter. The trio of - the power of digital content, rendered design ideas, and logical execution will create the magic of telling real stories digitally.”

Four Corner Render Design’s proposition is to assist companies with concepts and an idea that can further be executed into a cinematic or digitally driven experiential reality. It’s not just limited to digital displays but extends to web, television or on any large screen. The idea is to create an engaging and encompassing experience that is as realistic as it gets. Furthermore, the services rendered are device and medium-agnostic.

Moin adds, “Driven by the quality of quick adaptation, I truly believe Digital Designs is the future and has adapted the same with his dream company - Four Corner Render Design. The main aim is to create designs digitally that will work wonders for their audience.”

This comparatively new phenomenon, though helpful, is yet to be adopted by many businesses which still trust the brick and mortar model, in spite of the pandemic showcasing the limitations and highlighting the potential and success of digital initiatives like this. What’s also interesting is that contrary to the popular belief of physical & virtual as substitutes, the company amalgamates the two and offers services that act complementary rather than as substitutes.

One would ask how? As we move towards a new normal with increased footfalls and physical presence, what role will digital play in this? The future is all about meta spaces and companies/brands need to understand the need to shift their approach to be relatable and reliable. Especially the traditional sector, like automobile, real estate and even filmmaking. Car showrooms could explore a digital-first presence, giving them the leverage to not be geographically bound. Real estate builders could show samples of flats and give a peak into their luxuries to customers without visitations. Production houses can use this to do pre-visualised sets wherein actual characters could be inserted and judge the reaction and shots, avoiding the massive cost usually incurred.

For more details about the services offered by Four Corner Render Design click here :, or contact : Jateen Rajput: +91 81086 66622, Moin Mansuri: +91 82862 07863

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