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How Hindware helped millions of girls get back to School through its ‘Build a Toilet, Build her Future’ Campaign

Launched back in November 2020 on World Toilet Day, the ‘Build A Toilet, Build Her Future campaign, reiterates its commitment to promoting good health and hygiene.

In India, the lack of adequate sanitation facilities presents a serious issue for teenage girls. According to insightful yet alarming research, conducted by NGOs, there are more than 23 million girls in India that drop out of school due to a lack of clean toilets. At least 11.5% of India’s rural schools had no separate toilets for girls. The lack of proper sanitation facilities affects teenage girls the most as they are forced to miss school for a few days every month. Eventually, they fall behind in their class and prefer to drop out completely. Every year, 19 November is observed as World Toilet Day to raise awareness for hygiene and sanitation. Enabling holistic empowerment of teenage girls, Hindware’s campaign focuses on building toilets in schools, encouraging the girl child to continue schooling.

Hindware, India’s leading brand for bathroom solutions, with its vision to empower people with its expertise and through thoughtful products started its corporate social responsibility initiative ‘Build a Toilet, Build her Future’ on World Toilet Day in 2020. Hindware began its mission to build toilets across schools in India and maintain hygiene and send the girls back to school who drop out due to a lack of proper and private sanitation facilities. The company sought the assistance of the architectural community to develop affordable yet effective toilets in five states. Carrying forward the same initiative, for the third consecutive year, Hindware is determined to make sure girls don’t miss school again.

Since the launch of the initiative, Hindware has been able to construct more than 250 toilets in schools across the states of Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh impacting the lives of more than a million girls. Hindware has exceeded its goals in the two past years. In FY 2021-2022, Hindware had aimed to rebuild and/or construct 50+ toilets and was able to build and repair a total of 133 units. In FY 2020-2021, the aim was to construct, renovate and maintain 25+ toilets for girls in selected villages. During the ongoing FY 2022-2023, Hindware has pledged to build and renovate a total of 80 toilets across 25 schools in six states of India. Through various actions, Hindware stands strong on its mission to produce a cleaner and healthier future for the children of the nation.

“At Hindware we have the vision to empower people with everything that we do. When we launched the 'Build a Toilet, build her Future' project two years ago with the goal of bringing millions of girls to school and ensuring they have the right to equality and inclusion, we had no idea that this would become a movement. As our project enters its third year, we can't thank our partners and allies enough for not only supporting but also contributing in big ways. We will continue to raise awareness for hygienic sanitation, and we encourage people to spread the message and take part in this cause.” - Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Chief Executive Officer, Bath and Tiles Business, Hindware Limited.

Hindware aims to carry forward its initiative on World Toilet Day in 2022 and to push the envelope ahead apart from building countless more toilets across the Indian topography, Hindware is also committed to helping people who are responsible for the maintenance & upkeep of toilets across India.

Hindware Limited mainly offers complete bathroom solutions that can give any bathroom a personality of its own. Recognised as India’s most awarded and certified bathware product company, Hindware has not only emerged as the robust bathroom game changer but is now, with the best minds at the crux, advancing towards working on a dire social cause by extending its brand proposition and playing a perfect corporate social responsibility.

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