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How RummyCircle moved the spotlight from RPG to card games

Role-playing games (RPG) have long held on to a gamer's appeal- from their earliest versions of Tomb Raider in the 90s to the recent releases like Monster Hunter. While Tomb Raider has sold over 67 million copies, Rise of The Tomb Raider has sold more than 7 million (and still counting). Monster Hunter, which was launched in January 2018, has crossed 11.9 million units in sales and is still going strong

Enter rummy

While the above figures do indicate the popularity of RPGs, they are facing a new challenge. The new kid on the block is rummy, and its popularity has been gaining momentum over the last few years. The rise of rummy as a game of strategy and skill is challenging the supremacy of RPGs. The competition can be very well gauged from the fact that so far, platforms like RummyCircle has amassed more than 10 million players. RummyCircle is a platform where people can register and play rummy online. With online platforms, people who love to play rummy can do so in their leisure time or during their commute to office or back. All they need to do is download the RummyCircle app on their mobile devices and know how to play the game.

When it comes to card games, around 76% of the total traffic is from India, with 4 out of every 10 card game players preferring rummy to other categories. Given India's history with the game, these figures are not surprising. It is a card game that has been traditionally played by Indians for centuries, and there is a strong cultural connect with card games in India among adults and youth alike. A Forbes report reveals that rummy is played in India during Diwali since winning money is considered to be a boon by the goddess. During this time, tournaments for various games such as bridge, 29, contract bridge, rummy, etc. are held, and prizes are distributed among the winners.

Online rummy- how it is set to grow

While the revenue from online games in India is set to touch an astounding INR 11,880 crore in 2023, it is estimated that revenue from online card games would grow 50-100% year-on-year. Moreover, among all card games, rummy has become the most popular one with the format being dominated by 4-5 major operators who have been in operation for more than 5years.

Estimates reveal that at any given time, there are more than 20,000 gamers playing online rummy in India. This indicates the soaring popularity and massive dominance of rummy card game in online gaming. The spotlight is indeed fast moving from RPG games to rummy, and the reason can be attributed to the following.

Play anywhere

RummyCircle helps people enjoy the game even when they are travelling, taking a break at work or enjoying a leisurely evening at home. One only needs to download the app on their mobile device, register on the site and start playing. Of course, one must also know how to play.

Capturing the essence of traditional rummy

With its similarity to traditional rummy, the game has been able to capture everyone's attention with its simplicity. To play this game, you need not learn new rules. The rules are the same as those of traditional rummy.

Play anytime

While all the facets of traditional rummy have been aptly put together on the online version, digital rummy is even more interesting. One can play online whenever they want to play. There are players around the world playing in these sites 24x7.

A feeling of community

There is a community element in platforms like RummyCircle where players can share their progress on social media with friends and other players, exchange tips and also learn how to play the game. This enables them to form possibly long-lasting friendships.

Tournaments and rewards

One of the most alluring aspects of these platforms is that players can win cash prizes. Special promotional events are often held on sites like RummyCircle, so players are further motivated to participate. The platform also lets players play multi-table rummy so they can pick up the best tournaments and games. In fact, there are a lot of tournaments held on RummyCircle, which translates to a real opportunity for the platform to keep the fun and entertainment factor fresh.

Little scope for cheating

With many RPG games, one can find cheat codes and secret passages to level up, which eventually reduces the thrill of the game. In the case of card games, there is no scope for cheating on online platforms. This implies that people have to depend on their knowledge in the game and improve their skills to advance through the leaderboard.

With websites like RummyCircle being 100% legal and secure, the popularity of card games is only bound to grow stronger.