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How Should Non-Profits Adapt To Technology In 2020?

Can technology transform the Non-Profits sector?

Before 2020, The organizations were using technology but not in an earnest way.

But the outbreak of Coronavirus has definitely surged the need to have organized entirely and well-developed systems on digital fronts as well.

Today most of the people are following work from home traditions. It is the need of time.

But as we know, nonprofit sectors usually have tight budgets to work correctly. They want to adopt technology, but the tight cost budget restricts them indeed as most of the techniques are not much affordable.

But one thing about which no one can deny is that to take the mission of the organization to the higher levels; One must be actively aware of the new technology as technology can transform the Non-profit sectors 2020 for sure.

Digital World

Digital world has a lot more opportunities to offer to the organizations to assist them from initial phases to operational phases.

In a survey, It was observed that the average small company spends only 6.9% of its revenue on IT.

Non-Profit organizations can grow more only after adapting innovation.

Donorbox is a boon for the Non-Profit Sector.

Donorbox offers online fundraising software that allows individuals and nonprofit sectors to get donations over the web. It is used by a broad array of charity organizations, churches, mosques, schools, animal rescue organizations, political campaigns, and other noble causes.

How Should Non-Profits Adapt To Technology In 2020?

What Are Non Profits Organizations?

These organizations work to serve the public and mutual domain instead of the benefit of only the investors or owners.

Though may vary in sizes and kinds but most have some similar properties like -

1. Well-organized

2. Should be private

3. Must be Self-governing

4. Non-profit-distribution

5. Voluntary in nature

Should Non-Profit Sectors Promote Innovation?

Innovation must be promoted at each level of the organization. There are a bundle of reasons for a non-profit organization to encourage innovation like -

● Some non-profit sectors promote innovation to limit a competitive disadvantage and patch up with other organizations.

● Some innovate to get a disruptive change that can lead to a long-term advantage in the field.

For the continuous evolution of the organization, technology adaptation is a must. For which digital marketing is the crucial feature which assists the Non-profits in keeping a check on their growth and reaching.

How Can Non-Profit Sectors adapt to technology?

There are multiple mays in which many nonprofit organizations are making use of technology like a pro. It helps the organizations to grow and reach out to the maximum people for the benefit of society and underprivileged ones.

Let us list out some quick ways for you to adapt technology in your organization. Just follow this simple guide !!

#1 Digital Fundraising

Digital fundraising means utilizing all the possible digital channels which are present at your disposal in an integrated developed way so that, You can reach directly to your audiences, can spark engagement, and raise your giving opportunities.

But while making digital fundraising, Following things must be kept in minds :

The motto of fundraising should be mentioned clearly and boldly.

● The agenda must be engaging enough so that people can donate willingly.

● The payment methods must be secure.

● The procedure should be like that people get a thanking note whenever somebody contributes.

● The donation could be small or big, But there must not be any discrimination in handling contributors.

#2 Social Media

Nowadays, everybody is on social media. Either it is about the promotion of business, social communication, connecting with similar interests’ people or donations.

Social reach is straightforward through social media. You must have observed that most of the people are usually aware of all those news and products which apparently appear on their social media platforms.

75% of people spend 50% time on social media platforms- Isn’t it great??

Many nonprofits are having an advantage on social media platforms. They usually upload and share suitable posts on their social media outlooks. The main agenda is to showcase the broad array of activities in which they are involved in and also highlight their achievements.

This usually helps them in gaining more attention, which can be fruitful in the long run.

#3 Join Tech Communities And Workshops

The world is continuously changing, so are the updates. Every day some new update rolls out. Staying current could be as ‘non-intrusive’ as staying active on the technology hub.There are many technology based nonprofit organizations in the markets that provide grant or no- to low-cost technology support specifically for other nonprofits - Sounds good?Yes, You heard it right, So don’t waste time and start your search in this direction !!

#4 Email marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email to promote your business's products or services.

Email marketing is one of the only channels that consumers ask to receive.The majority of companies use the platform only to send messages to those who have signed up to receive them.With the help of email marketing, you can target your audience sector and draft them relevant messages to get them engaged. But you have to ensure that you don’t bother or irk them too much.

#5 Door-to-Door to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Many of us must be aware of door to door fundraising. It is the most challenging task, I must say. Moreover, it is not very efficient as well.

Since its reach is minimal. But nonrofit organizations achieve set trademarks and reach milestones only after increasing its range to the maximum.

Now the difference is that now, instead of knocking at your neighbors’ doors, you may invite your social networks to donate to your fundraising page.

Benefits of Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

● It is easy for friends and family to go from checking their Facebook page to donating to your social cause in just a few seconds.

● You can take donations 24/7.