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How to create the best pitches amidst the pandemic?

Businesses often face challenges like selecting the right audience for their surveys, the turnaround time or the high costs for online market research.

Most businesses today, including agencies, often struggle to understand their audiences and the marketer’s needs. A truly winning strategy is not one that depends on past experiences but one that relies on consumers’ themselves for direction. Consumer insights are the foundation for creating powerful stories and successful pitches.

One important thing to remember is that real insights comes from real consumers. With the transition to the digital world in the recent times, online research holds greater importance now than ever. However, businesses often face challenges like selecting the right audience for their surveys, the turnaround time or the high costs for online market research.

The solution to these problems lies in selecting online research tools that help reach target respondents faster, for lesser, and without sacrificing data quality. Using innovative online survey tools like YouGov Collaborate you can now create customize and collaborate on your fast-turnaround research requirements with real time, high quality responses delivered in not more than 48 hours.

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If you are still wondering why you should consider online research in these unprecedented times, here are some reasons you might want to consider:

1. Affordable and timely data

Being able to identify market trends and respond to them in a timely manner is the key to success. One of the greatest benefits of online research is that it provides an affordable and reliable way to gather information from the target audience in no time. With the growth of online technology, it is possible to reach a diverse range of audience in a short span of time. This becomes more relevant when trying to reach a wider sample, making the research not just faster but also cost-effective, without burning a huge hole in the pocket.

2. A better understanding of your client’s business and their customers

One of the biggest challenges faced by agencies is that clients come to them with a planning requirement, without clearly defining the targeting parameters. They have some information but turn to agencies for meaningful insights. At this moment, if agencies can provide data supported answers to client’s questions, the chances of their creative recommendations becoming more fruitful will soar.

Online market research helps you map out the full profile of your client’s ideal customer and, which once identified, enables you to create effective tailored marketing campaigns to persuade them. With a clear understanding of real time market requirements, you are able to generate better ideas backed by deep insights, along with earning your client’s respect and trust.

3. Identifying problems before they happen

Effective online market research not only helps save your client’s efforts and money but also lets you predict some of the pitfalls that can occur. By being able to gather quick information from the respondents, you can evaluate the odds better and steer the clients in the right direction. Your solution then can be designed to be a proper market fit, saving time, money and energy vested by your clients.

4. Selective targeting and more flexibility

For research to truly serve its purpose, it should be an ideal representation of your client’s potential customers. Many a times, companies may also use a blind method, by which a random sample of the population is contacted for opinions. Online research can help you pre-screen participants and allow only those who match your target profile to complete the survey. Not just this, due to the combination of a database of respondents and tools to connect with them, it offers flexibility to engage with them in real time as well as follow them over time to build a bigger picture of their lives.

5. Competitive edge

In this competitive landscape, it is important to stand out. Without research, you are just another agency with opinions and ideas. Online market research helps you assess the current market landscape and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Combining historical company knowledge with research on the current landscape helps, you identify new and innovative ways to reach the customers and respond to them in the most efficient way.

How to get started?

YouGov Collaborate - an innovative online survey platform powered by YouGov’s award winning online panel and research expertise is the key to all your problems when it comes to quicker, affordable market research. This online survey tool allows you to create, customize and collaborate on your fast-turn around research requirements and helps build a completely new way for businesses to gain valuable insights. The support of a YouGov researcher for accurate results, its quick turnaround time and simple-to-follow process helps you get quick market insights that are important in creating impactful, data-backed strategy for your clients.

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