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How to Pay Credit Card Bills: Online or Offline Payment Methods

Paying your credit card bill on time is paramount to maximizing its benefits and maintaining a stellar credit score. If you are looking for the most convenient way to pay your credit card bill, this article is for you. After all, knowing you have options to choose from always makes it easier to make the right decision.

While credit card bill payments can be made both online and offline, the best route depends on your specific situation. Here's a lowdown on the ways to make credit card bill payments online and offline. 

How to pay credit card bills offline? 

  • Customer support: Some banks allow you to pay credit card dues through their customer care number, assisted by their IVR system. To use this method, you need to have a bank account with the same bank. Since the credit card payment happens through IVR, without any human intervention, details of your bank account and credit card are secure. 

  • Over the counter: This is a more traditional method of paying credit card bills. You can visit any branch of the card-issuing bank and tender your cheque with the credit card bill. To use this offline payment method, you need not have your savings/current account with the same bank. 

  • Cheque/Demand draft: There are various cheque collection points where you can drop off a cheque or demand draft for the outstanding dues on your credit card. These will differ based on the credit card company, but please be aware that it may take some time for the amount to be credited and your credit limit to be restored.

How to pay credit card bills online? 

  • Internet banking: Your credit card bill can be paid through net banking if you have access to your bank account online. However, beware of fraudulent websites that look deceptively similar to your bank's official net banking website.

  • You can also make payments through your bank’s mobile app. For example, IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile app lets you view and pay all your bills in one place and set up Auto Pay for recurring bills..

  • Online fund transfer (IMPS/NEFT/RTGS): The outstanding amount on your credit card can be remitted to the card company through IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, depending on the amount you wish to remit. To do this, you must have the IFSC code of the credit card issuing bank. If you are trying this method for the first time, be sure to inquire about the process from your credit card provider, as each company follows a different procedure.

  • Third-party payment app: There are many fintech apps available that allow you to pay your credit card bill online, including Paytm, CRED, Mobikwik, PhonePe, GPay, and BHIM. You can pay your credit card bill online with any of these apps. They offer various payment options, such as auto-debit, direct payment, bill reminders, etc.  

What are the benefits of paying credit card bills online?

  • Faster payment: When you pay your credit card bill online, the money gets credited to your credit card immediately, which is not the case when you pay offline using a cheque or demand draft. This ensures that your credit limit is restored much faster. 

  • Convenience: If you have internet access, you can pay your credit card dues online from anywhere. You don't have to go to the bank branch or ATM to pay. Also, if you have a friend or relative's credit card details, you can make the payment online on their behalf.

  • Automatic payments: Instead of making credit card payments manually every month, you can choose the auto-debit facility by adding your credit card to your net banking account or banking app. This will ensure that the credit card bill gets paid automatically from your bank account before the due date. However, you must ensure that sufficient balance is maintained in your bank account for this process. 

  • Track past payments: If you have installed the mobile app of your credit card provider, you can view your past payments anywhere and anytime. Since the payment of credit card dues through online mode invariably happens through your bank account, it creates a trail which comes in handy if you wish to check your payment history.

  • Security and encryption: As a result of technological advancements and norms enforced by the RBI, online banking in India is quite safe. Banks have taken a range of measures to ensure that your online transactions, including credit card payments, are as secure as possible. 

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