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Hrithik Roshan sets the perfect date night at home with the help of Zebronics Smart Soundbar

Introducing more premium soundbars to its extensive range, Zebronics is revolutionizing technology with its premium for masses ideology.

Zebronics, India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, audio, mobile/lifestyle accessories, and surveillance products has released a new campaign for the new smart soundbar ZEB-Jukebar 3820A Pro featuring Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan in an all-new avatar. The ad campaign was posted on several social media platforms by Hrithik Roshan.

The Ad film showcases Hrithik Roshan asking the smart soundbar to turn on the TV while he ties his apron and gets ready for some ‘action’. He pulls out his knife and chops all the vegetables in-sync with the action sequence running in the background.

The bell rings and Hrithik asks Alexa to play a romantic track as he attends to the door. The ad campaign shows that you can turn any home into a smart home with Zebronics ZEB-Juke Bar 3820A Pro that comes with Alexa built-in.

Ask Alexa to turn on the light, make a grocery list or play a song, the Zebronics ZEB-Juke Bar 3820A Pro can do it all with an advanced dual far-field mic. Turn your home into an entertainment zone that can set alarms, play music, control smart appliances and so much more.

"Premium for masses is the core brand philosophy of Zebronics, the newest launched smart soundbar with Alexa built-in is the perfect example of this belief. Super star Hrithik Roshan is a style icon and his charming persona with great panache works wonders for this ad campaign, which also sums up the product really well. Said Rajesh Doshi, Director - Zebronics.

Hrithik Roshan is the brand ambassador for several product categories under the brand Zebronics since 2017, recently he was roped in for the IT Peripheral segment as well.

“Zebronics is planning to be an aggressive player in the smart home segment and you can expect a lot more products in the coming months." added Mr. Doshi.

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