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Humanising our heroes: Mahindra celebrates 25 years of Kargil victory with ‘Hearts to Bravehearts’ campaign

The campaign's promotional film beautifully depicts soldiers in moments of camaraderie.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. is proudly saluting the 25th anniversary of India's historic victory in the Kargil War with a heartfelt initiative named Hearts to Bravehearts. This campaign goes beyond mere appreciation; it seeks to create a lasting bond between the nation’s citizens and their valiant defenders, highlighting the sacrifices, courage, and resilience of our armed forces.

At the heart of this initiative lies a unique approach to humanising soldiers through relatable everyday scenarios. The campaign's promotional film beautifully depicts soldiers in moments of camaraderie. 

One soldier seeks advice on helping his comrade patch things up with his girlfriend, another seeks fresh jokes to avoid repetition with his colleague, a third looks for vacation ideas for his drill sergeant to relax during intense training while the sergeant is on leave, and a fourth asks for TV show recommendations for her to unwind after duty.

These slice-of-life moments offer a poignant glimpse into the lives of our brave soldiers, showcasing their humanity beyond their roles in safeguarding our nation.

A pivotal aspect of the campaign is Mahindra's partnership with India Post. Together, they are facilitating the delivery of citizens' heartfelt messages of gratitude from Mahindra Dealerships to key locations such as Tanot Border Post, Kibithoo Border Post, and Kochi Port. 

Convoys of Mahindra SUVs will embark on a remarkable journey spanning over 10,000 km, symbolising a heartfelt odyssey of gratitude and respect. These convoys will traverse military stations, garrisons, war memorials, and culminate at the sacred grounds of Kargil, delivering messages that echo the nation's collective appreciation for our armed forces.

The scale and depth of collaboration in this initiative are truly impressive. It involves not just Mahindra and India Post but also the Indian Army, Faujiana, and Mahindra's extensive network of dealerships nationwide. This collective effort underscores the unity and solidarity of our nation in honouring those who selflessly serve and protect.

"In today's dynamic market, building a modern brand goes beyond innovation—it's about creating genuine connections and engaging meaningfully with our communities. As a proud Indian brand, we are honoured to partner with the Indian Army and India Post for this campaign. Covering 10,000+ km in a convoy of Mahindra SUVs, #HeartsToBravehearts exemplifies our commitment to explore the impossible." wrote Neha Anand, VP and head - global brand & marketing communications, Mahindra Automotive, in a LinkedIn post.

Join the 'Hearts to Bravehearts' campaign

Citizens are encouraged to actively participate in the campaign by expressing their gratitude through various channels. Participating in the campaign is easy and encourages widespread involvement:

  • Social Media Engagement: Post on social media using #HeartsToBravehearts and tag Mahindra Auto to share your message of gratitude.

  • Online Submission: Visit to post your message online and join the campaign digitally.

  • Visit a Mahindra showroom: Walk into any Mahindra showroom or workshop to drop your handwritten messages, photos, videos, paintings, poems, handwritten letters, or any creative expressions of appreciation for our armed forces.

The campaign welcomes a variety of content, including life hacks, tips, jokes, and heartfelt messages, encouraging participants to share anything that comes straight from the heart.

The response to the campaign has been heartwarming, with people from all walks of life already actively participating. Citizens have been sharing their heartfelt messages and creative expressions, showcasing the collective gratitude and appreciation for our brave soldiers.

Join the #HeartstoBravehearts campaign today and be a part of this nationwide movement to honour and celebrate our heroes in uniform.

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