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Hyundai India’s #BrakeOnStereotypes campaign busts misconceptions around women drivers

#BrakeOnStereotypes campaign shows how the art of driving is gender-neutral and focuses on busting this obsolete stereotype regarding women drivers.

India is a nation of various stereotypes, one similar stereotype is about women drivers. Often considered a topic of humour, this has been something which has been in existence ever since we can remember. While there are several such stereotypes that have broken the shackles of general belief, the idea of women driving automobiles is still in course of breaking free. Even today when women are seen driving, there is a set of judgemental eyes that still berate them. It is still very shocking to understand that while we live in a generation where the fight for gender equality is stronger than ever, this issue still remains unsolved.

The general idea is that this issue arises from a much larger concern that exists in the nation. While women are generally not viewed to be good at handling an automobile, it is typically expected of men to always come to a woman's rescue. The women of this era have come way past these stereotypes and have at several times proven to be better than men when it comes to driving an automobile.

This Women’s Day, Hyundai India rightly looks towards breaking this stereotype. They in their new campaign video, beautifully dismantle these norms and effectively portray the women of today. They accurately define how women are equally efficient drivers and parallel parking isn’t a task that concerns them anymore. Even when required, they are more than efficient in offering to help someone in need.

Even as there are several things that still need to change for this stereotype to completely stop existing, this can be considered as a much-required message that needs to be put out. While even today, movies and music videos still depict women as not fully equipped at driving and there numerous jokes that are made around it.

Hyundai India’s #BrakeOnStereotypes video showcases a scene where a man was facing trouble reverse parking his car and how a passing woman offered to help and parked the car in no time. The short and effective storyline of the video strongly tells us how handling an automobile can sometimes be a matter of trouble irrespective of gender.

The #BrakeOnStereotypes campaign being released on Women’s day is also a valuable addition to the fight in busting this stereotype. Hyundai India has picked one of the most under-discussed topics of this age, their video campaign also beautifully captures the idea of letting go of these old misconceptions and aptly defines their intent of bringing this stereotype under the scanner. Catering under Hyundai’s vision ‘Progress for Humanity’, this can be taken up as a stepping stone towards achieving a lot more in regard to gender equality, on the tarmac and also off it.

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