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Hyundai’s EXTER campaign: Fuelling the wanderlust spirit in India’s youth

A game-changing SUV, a trio of cricket stars, and a record-breaking LEGO billboard – delve into Hyundai's EXTER campaign.

In a resounding stride towards captivating the hearts of India's adventurous youth, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) proudly unveiled its groundbreaking SUV, Hyundai EXTER.

EXTER rises above the rest with its captivating exterior, promising to be the cynosure of all eyes wherever it goes. But it doesn't stop at appearances; the interior offers an extraordinary level of spaciousness and comfort, turning every journey into a serene oasis of relaxation.

There are a multitude of reasons to fall in love with this stylish SUV, including ample space due to its long wheelbase, a dash cam featuring dual cameras, and a suite of over 60 Bluelink features. Scoring big on safety, EXTER boasts over 40 advanced safety features with 6 airbags as standard. 

Powering the SUV is a formidable 1.2-liter Petrol 4-cylinder engine designed to deliver power-packed performance. You can opt for either the manual (MT) or automatic (AMT) variants and even explore the eco-friendly option of CNG fuel.

Hyundai EXTER embodies the free spirit of those who relish exploration and constantly seek new experiences. With signature H-LED DRLs, branding on the front bumper, and sporty bridge-type painted black roof rails, this SUV looks spectacular and ready for adventure. Its spacious interiors are designed to provide maximum comfort, ensuring you have room for everything you might need when venturing outdoors.

Vibrant and brimming with energy, this campaign was meticulously crafted to resonate with the youth of India, considering their lifestyle and interests. Driven by wanderlust, Gen MZ is perpetually on the lookout for new experiences and adventures. For this generation, 'outside' is more than a location; it's a way of life. 

Hence, the campaign's tagline, "Think outside, Think EXTER," perfectly captures the essence of the consumer base it was designed for. It's catchy, memorable, and, most importantly, aligns seamlessly with the campaign's outdoorsy vibe.

The campaign rollout was a journey in itself. To drive home the brand message of Think outside, a fun campaign spread over multiple phases was conceptualized. 

The initial phase was all about building anticipation. Quirky social media posts featuring animals closely looking in the ORVM mirror with immense curiosity. These creative posts definitely piqued the curiosity of the target audience, leaving them eagerly awaiting more.

In the second phase, the name was unveiled creatively, with the alphabets that spell EXTER shot in the wilderness, reinforcing the SUV's adventurous image.

Next came the first glimpse of the SUV, featuring render and key visuals of its noteworthy features. Social media buzzed with excitement, comparisons to luxury SUVs, and positive responses from auto enthusiasts.

For the fourth phase, Hyundai roped in cricketing icon Hardik Pandya as its brand ambassador. Pandya, with his dynamic and outdoorsy persona, perfectly embodies the spirit of Hyundai EXTER. His association with the vehicle is a testament to its dynamic appeal, as he, too, thrives in the great outdoors. There could hardly be a more fitting ambassador for this all-rounder SUV. 

The "Bookings Open" campaign followed, featuring short, unique stop motion films that showcased how Hyundai EXTER seamlessly fits into the lifestyle of Indian youth, with Hardik Pandya standing alongside the vehicle, exuding charisma.

In the digital realm, the campaign focus was on interactive creatives. From digital innovations like ‘Infinity Zoom’, an interactive creative piece where one can keep zooming in till they want, to meme marketing and a gamified IG filter using EXTER, a lot of buzz was created. 

In addition to this, two videos centered on dashcam were created. The overall response was overwhelming - a clear indication that Hyundai EXTER campaign was on point and was speaking to the youth in their language. The creatives in this phase led to a massive spurt in bookings.

The climax of the campaign was the thrilling launch of the TVC, in which Hardik Pandya and friends embarked on an exciting beach adventure. The launch event itself was filled with unique experiences, including an innovative SUV entry, a 270-degree LED display, and an immersive Experience Zone. 

Hardik Pandya joined forces with Smriti Mandhana, and Jemimah Rodriguez, illustrious names in India's Women's cricket, for the Hyundai EXTER launch TVC, a historic moment where three cricketing icons united for the first time.

EXTER's presence was felt everywhere, from mall activations to showroom POPs, digital posts, and outdoor advertising, all featuring the iconic cricketer, Hardik Pandya. From showroom POPs to digital posts and OOH, the cricket star and Hyundai EXTER took over much to everyone’s delight.

One standout achievement was a record-breaking billboard constructed from over 3 lakh Lego bricks, capturing global attention and highlighting EXTER's boldness and solid presence. The unique billboard installed at Cyber Hub, Gurugram won the India and Asia Book of Records and found a mention on the world’s largest Facebook Lego fan page.

A comprehensive data-driven digital marketing campaign kept the conversation around Hyundai EXTER alive. From YouTube Masthead takeovers to 3D audio ads, the campaign engaged the target audience across various platforms.

On television, split-screen branding and headline sponsorship on major news channels, along with integration into popular programs, maximised visibility. Radio also played a crucial role, with RJ-led activities and interactive programs planned across 30 cities.

Hyundai EXTER is a co-presenting sponsor of the Asian Games. Four renowned Indian athletes are being engaged to create content around the SUV. Hyundai EXTER was also the driven by sponsor of the biggest Influencer Awards “InfluencEX” held in Goa.

Hyundai's efforts with the integrated EXTER campaign struck a chord with the target audience, resulting in over 50,000 bookings within the launch month. Launched across India on all major platforms, the campaign received an overwhelming response from car enthusiasts and the youth, who have embraced Hyundai EXTER as passionately as they embrace the great outdoors.

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