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India Gate Foods Makes A Step Closer In India's Fight Against Food Waste Through Their New Campaign

The campaign beautifully captures the impact of food wastage in India spreading the socially responsible communication.

As per ancient Indian wisdom, food is hailed as nectar, and wastage of food is considered a sin. It further teaches that we should always eat a little less than what fills our stomachs. An extra chapati, one leftover piece of bread, veggies from the previous night, and even vegetable peels and trimmings-most of these food items land in the dustbin in a majority of Indian households. The problem of food waste is a relatively modern one. India is an ancient civilization and we have been prudent about food for millennia. Our parents and grandparents, too, once approached food and cooking with the same prudence. Yet, somewhere along the way, we lost sight of this “waste not, want not” mentality.

As per the stats stated in KRBL Ltd. - India Gate Foods' recent campaign #EkMutthiChaawal, Indian households waste 6.87 crore tonnes of food every year – the numbers are staggering! Though the awareness around this has grown in the last five years. In light of this KRBL Ltd. - India Gate Foods has started a campaign to spread awareness and bring out the message alive about the Food wastage problem in India

The campaign video opens up with how Rice is getting stolen from Indian households and everyone is worried about it until they discover that rice was stolen by their kids, but the interesting twist that brings out the campaign message loud is the amount of stolen rice was just #EkMutthiChaawal, the leftover quantity on your plate from the previous night and how that can be somebody's nourishment. Also, it brings out the message in a very subtle way of how our kids have progressive thinking about food wastage these days.

In this hard-hitting social awareness campaign, the message is loud and clear that how as small as the quantity may seem, we never realize how big of a difference can it make. Our ‘casually’ wasted food could save someone from dying of hunger.

Kunal Sharma, AVP Marketing, KRBL India says, “As I grew up, I distinctly remember my grandmother always reminding me to finish the last grain of rice on my plate… she always made sure I did. This campaign #EkMutthiChaawal that I worked on made me go back to those days. This effort by India Gate Foods is also a salute to our new generation of kids whose progressive thinking is something that we can be proud of as we celebrate 75 years of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav!!

Nipun Arora, founder, Social Cloud Ventures says, "Having conceptualized #EkMutthiChaawal, we believed the narrative would be a pathbreaker in India's fight against food waste. In order to make it more engaging on social media, we gave the campaign a humorous touch by coining the term 'Chaawal Chor'. This 'Chaawal Chori' was done to serve a noble purpose, but its intention led to some hard-hitting realizations.”

A series of teasers and a landing page dedicated to the campaign generated buzz around the campaign. The unveiling of the #EkMutthiChaawal campaign video garnered a lot of attention online.#EkMutthiChaawal reached out to more than 1.4 crore people online; secured over 2.4 crore impressions with over 7.4 million views stirring positive conversations revolving around the brand's stand against food wastage.

This initiative led by KRBL Ltd. - India Gate Foods should not only make us think of the Food wastage problem but also should find a way to implement the solution. You can start with influencing simple decisions about your own food consumption, and then get people in your immediate community to join. Irresponsible consumption patterns by household members mean that change needs to begin in our own homes. Calculated purchasing, minimising single-use packaging wherever possible, ordering consciously from restaurants, and reconsidering extravagant buffet spreads at weddings can help support the initiative.

Taking this forward, employees at KRBL Limited Head Office walked the talk

We stand with India Gate Foods, Do you?

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