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Indian company, SAMCO Securities launches the country’s first personalized insight driven feature to beat the market

SAMCO Securities revolutionizes the future of retail trading with the pioneering launch of ‘My Trade Story’ widely known as Andekha Sach which translates to Unseen Insights in English. Andekha Sach strives to create an even playing ground for stock market participants by arming them with information and knowledge. This feature taps into the traders personal past trade performance to unveil limitations and provide insights through a variety of industry pioneering features including peer comparison, real-time market data, an analysis of trading style and educational resources, among others.

This personalized and advanced trading feature is widely acclaimed for its inventiveness. Trading can be a daunting task when one is uninformed and it’s easy to make common mistakes; My Trade Story changes this narrative by providing actionable suggestions tailored to improve the traders success score.

The campaign, Andekha Sach is a light hearted take on the commonplace mistakes we make on a job. It is a skillful depiction of common mistakes that even the most experienced surgeons may make while being too involved in a job, drawing parallels from the life of stock market trader. The campaign is a recognition that we are all human and despite of years of experience, we tend to havecblind spots. It is only when someone points out our mistakes that we become aware of what can be done better in order to carry out a task smoothly. This campaign drives home the point of collaboration amongst peers and recognizing our shortcomings to maximize one’s potential.

Jimeet Modi, the Founder and CEO of SAMCO Securities said, “In trading… many times things go unmeasured. Many people don’t know what or how to measure their results or they think it’s unnecessary. Most simply don’t understand how to use the information and apply it in a practical way to improve their trading.”

Samco Securities recognized the urgent need for the My Trade Story feature in response to SEBI’s study revealing that every 9 in 10 individual traders in the equity F&O segment suffered losses. In an effort to upturn these statistics the ambitious features of Andekha Sach were launched which keptthe trading world abuzz.

The Andekha Sach campaign stands as a testament to their undisputed position as an innovative and reliable leader in the online stockbroking industry. Customer centricity remains at the heart of SAMCO Securities which is exemplified with My Trade Story, empowering each trader to control the fate of their profits and losses. The company understands that even seasoned experts tend to overlook common mistakes and have blind spots, the campaign urges them to maximize their potential by increasing their probability of success and outperform themselves.

This is a company that anticipated the needs of the country and has been ahead of the curve with a unified vision to help traders achieve superior returns & financial performance.

About SAMCO Securities

SAMCO Securities is an online stockbroker. At the core of SAMCO Securities’ mission is to help every stock market participant to consistently outperform the indices and achieve their best financial performance.

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