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International FMCG Report 2021: Consumer goods in crisis

YouGov’s new report is based on more than 18,000 interviews and offers an overview of changing consumer attitudes and behaviours towards consumer goods in 17 global markets

The data shows that during the pandemic consumers have responded in different ways across different FMCG/CPG categories.

66% of urban Indians increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables during the pandemic while only 8% said they decreased it.

Along with fresh veggies, urban Indians ate more dairy items (53%) while consumption of chilled ready meals remained static (27% increase vs 28% decrease in consumption). Intake of frozen foods reduced for a third (32%), increasing for 27%, while more people ate bakery good (33% increase vs 28% decrease) and food cupboard items (34% vs 23%).

Consumption of alcohol increased for thee in ten urban Indians (29%). In fact, India (29%) and China (27%) are the leading markets where people said that they have consumed more alcohol during the pandemic than elsewhere in the world.

Cosmetics was the category that suffered across the globe during the pandemic. In India, one-third (36%) of consumers said that they decreased their purchase of personal care/cosmetics products, while only a fifth had increased their usage.

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International FMCG Report 2021: Consumer goods in crisis

At an overall level, the pandemic led to changes in shopping habits and behaviour of people across the globe. In all the 17 markets, a plurality of consumers said that their shopping habits have changed because of the pandemic, with the highest numbers coming from India (81%) and Mexico (83%).

International FMCG Report 2021: Consumer goods in crisis

Although supermarkets remained a dominant format during the pandemic, many consumers – perhaps mindful of the impact the pandemic has had on local businesses – are pledging to support retailers who are a little closer to home.

Three in five consumers (60%) across all markets claim to support local businesses and buy local products more once the pandemic subsides. At the top of the global table are India and Mexico where large majorities plan to do this (75% and 77% respectively). Beyond supporting local businesses, the consumers in both these countries are most likely to buy more sustainable products once the crisis has ended (74% each).

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