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ITC Bingo! Tedhe Medhe Rolls Out Scan and Play Contest for West Bengal Football Lovers

With Bingo! Tedhe Medhe you can scan a QR code, play online football, score high and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

The snacking brand Bingo! from ITC Ltd., one of India's leading FMCG conglomerates, has been a major player in the snacking segment in India. With its unparalleled success, the brand has made it to the edge of the market within a short span of time. Launched in 2007, it is now the third largest snack selling company in the Indian market.

Fun and adventure are synonymous with Bingo! which is targeted towards the youth. The brand aims to take each of its consumers on an adventure of flavours and has been a pioneer in the segment. Further, to establish a deeper connection with the consumers, Bingo! is popular for its fun and humour induced creative advertisements and has often undertaken innovative marketing campaigns across India to engage with its consumer base. Apart from retail outlets and grocery stores, Bingo! is largely available on e-commerce platforms to cater to a larger audience and meet consumer demands.

Recently in an effort to drive consumer engagement, ITC Bingo! Tedhe Medhe rolled out the #ScoreGoalsWithBingo campaign in West Bengal. West Bengal is known for its history in football and this initiative is launched for the football fanatics of the state and to make the game easily accessible. Consumers have to buy a packet of Tedhe Medhe, scan the QR code and play online football game. They also stand a chance to win attractive prizes*. Adding on, with video content and reel being the trending social media format, Bingo! kept a digital-first approach to connect with the audience and also garner traction.

To communicate and engage better, Bingo! collaborated with various regional celebrities, digital creators and football players such as Iti Karma, Debmalya Karmakar, Harry, Mukul Kumar Jana, Shauli Bhattacharjee, Soumitra Chatterjee and famous football player Manvir Singh. The campaign with influencers has already crossed 3L views and still soaring high. The campaign is executed in a state which enjoys loyal participation in football as no other striking a chord with the youth of West Bengal.

You can also enjoy this football game by following the simple steps – Buy a pack of Tedhe Medhe worth ₹5 and ₹10 from your nearest store, scan the QR code on the packet, and you will be directed to a page where you can play the online football game which is as fun as it is on the field. Top scorers can stand a chance to win exciting prizes like football jerseys, Xbox, and more.

Bingo! is available in both the rural and urban markets of India. They also have a powerful distribution channel because of its holding company ITC. The brand has tried to adopt a micro-distribution policy to gain better reachability. Hence it is possible to buy a pack of Bingo even in the remotest part of rural India.


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*Offer Applicable only to the state of West Bengal

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