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ITW reignites the fire within using their new campaign #TheGameThatLivesOn

Reminding people that the final whistle has not been blown, ITW’s new campaign urges people to take on the new challenges and fight for the thrill of the chase that keeps them going.

While the world unwinds from a timeout and things slowly start getting back to normal, the days ahead seem different in so many ways. People are now on the lookout to ways to cheer themselves up and to get a move ahead. With boundaries drawn and caution in the wind, the pursuit of thrill and the pump of adrenaline has acquired a completely different perspective. When you find yourself in a dilemma like this, you often look out for pillars with meaning.

ITW’s new ad campaign provides one such.

It talks about the #TheGameThatLivesOn, reminding people about instances that are worth fighting and having that intent to keep going on, and it is exactly what was the need of the hour. ITW has been in the business of unlocking the value of sports, media, and entertainment as marketing platforms for over a decade. And the campaign is a reiteration of their brand promise to be at the forefront of that, undaunted by whatever the circumstances may be.

With an innovative approach towards brand associations, especially with sports and a 360-degree perspective of blending different media to connect brands with their customers, ITW’s forte is an in-depth understanding and global presence. In recent times, the concept of consuming sports on the go has vastly increased all across the globe, and the disruption due to the pandemic has only accelerated advancements in that area. With innovation and disruption as their driving forces, ITW – which was named South Asia Consultancy of the Year in 2019, and named among the six best sports marketing companies in Asia – is best placed to provide enterprises with solutions to reach out to consumers to drive more value into their investment in sporting properties, an area where the sports solution providers need to be innovative and ahead of the curve.

Sports marketing efforts had often been beset with inconsistencies because different services were taken up by different parties. ITW decided to bridge this gap by integrating solutions to provide a guided and consistent output. Their strengths in cross-disciplinary teams help them create the possibility of providing highly integrated solutions to the clients. The upshot is that ITW has been involved in projects featuring the biggest names in the industry and the most marquee properties in sports including major cricket boards across the world, and brands such as Royal Stag, Oppo, Uber and the like for whom they have executed multiple award-winning campaigns and projects on the biggest of stages, including the Cricket World Cup 2019.

ITW core competence is that they have specifically skilled teams for every separate requirement of a client brand for Sports, Entertainment, and Media under one roof. With the pandemic hitting their business hard and with sports being suspended, some of their key revenue streams took a big hit. But they utilized their time thinking about innovations that could bring the sport and its fans closer. The new ITW ad spot captures that spirit of being resourceful and resilient where they salute to the indomitable spirit of the people who have taken inspiration from sports and how this is the right situation to draw that spirit which would help them with an impactful comeback.