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Kotak General Insurance presents 'Khushiyon Ka Cover': A Diwali gift for your family's well-being

The ad cleverly links Diwali prep to securing life's treasures, subtly integrating Kotak General Insurance's protective insurance covers into its festive theme.

Kotak General Insurance has introduced a digital advertising campaign, Khushiyon Ka Cover, designed to underscore the importance of financial safety.

Diwali, a festival synonymous with family gatherings and gift exchanges, is a season of joy and togetherness. However, Kotak General Insurance recognises the need to ensure the safety of our loved ones amid unforeseen challenges. This festive season, their Diwali campaign encourages individuals to provide the invaluable assurance of Khushiyon Ka Cover to their loved ones.

In their new ad, Kotak General Insurance draws a parallel between Diwali preparations and the importance of safeguarding the things we hold dear. The ad showcases a family engaged in Diwali preparation, covering their home, furnishings, and car – symbolising the act of covering and protecting valuable possessions.

Created by ibs fulcro, the ad aligns the common practices of caring for others and ‘covering’ physical possessions during Diwali with the concept of ensuring the well-being and financial security of loved ones with insurance ‘coverage.’

Kotak General Insurance provides a comprehensive range of such protective covers, including health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and more. Offerings such as Kotak Health Premier, Kotak Car Secure, and Kotak Home Secure, available on the Kotak General Insurance website, aim to provide the peace of mind individuals deserve, to be able to enjoy the festivities worry-free.

Suresh Agarwal, MD and CEO, Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Company Limited, expressed, “This campaign showcases Kotak General Insurance’s commitment to safeguarding your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones. Kotak General Insurance products are designed to offer financial protection and security, ensuring that you can cherish these moments without worry.”

Through this analogy, Kotak General Insurance aims to emphasise the significance of protection and safety. The campaign positions the brand’s insurance offerings as essential components to secure the vital aspects of life.

Sabyasachi Mitter, founder and managing director of ibs fulcro, shared insights into the campaign strategy, stating, “Diwali is when people deck up their homes for the festivities, which usually includes a fresh coat of paint to their home or get new upholstery. With this insight, we wrote a unique creative story that connects the festivities with Kotak General Insurance and positioned the insurance company as the Khushiyon Ka Cover for the family.”

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