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Leveraging online advertising for improved hospital visibility

The Indian healthcare sector, like any other industry, is populated with a host of different players operating in multiple domains. Almost every major and minor disease can be diagnosed and treated in multiple hospitals. This has made it important for hospitals to have enough visibility in the sector to make the audience aware of their presence.

For decades, Indian hospitals have been promoted with the age-old tool word-of-mouth approach. We all have visited a healthcare institution or consulted with a healthcare professional because one of our friends or family members had a successful run with them. However, things are changing in the age of digitization. With high competition and the need to stand out from the clutter, hospitals can no longer rely on word-of-mouth to make their presence felt in the industry. Having said that, it is important to note that hospitals cannot follow the traditional marketing route of inviting patients to their facilities. No one wishes to fall ill on demand!

So, what is the middle way out?

Healthcare marketing is an emerging field (at least in India) that acknowledges the sensitive nature of marketing campaigns created for hospitals. Marketing agencies like Public Media Solution are dedicating their time, effort, and manpower to helping hospitals build their brands without treading the conventional marketing route. Healthcare marketing takes the traditional marketing tools (digital and otherwise) and tailors them to suit the needs of doctors and hospitals in the country.

Living in the digital age, one cannot ignore online advertising while discussing the scope and impact of healthcare marketing. With the ongoing digital revolution in the country where data is getting cheaper and people of all ages are getting increasingly tech-savvy, the need for online advertising is yet to reach its peak! From the moment we wake up until we go to our bed at night, we consume online content on a plethora of different platforms. If utilized well, each of these platforms is an opportunity for hospitals to make their presence felt.

Now, the question arises: why do hospitals need online advertising to improve their visibility?

The answer is simple – the need to stay ahead of the curve and spread awareness. To provide quality care to their patients, hospitals need to work with state-of-the-art equipment and modern tools that are in sync with the ongoing trends in the global healthcare sector. Needless to say, this adds to the institutions’ financial burden, increasing their need to earn enough revenue.

Online advertising helps hospitals increase their visibility in a highly competitive industry while letting the audience know about the care they can receive. As per Ravinder Bharti, the founder of Public Media Solution, who offers healthcare marketing services to clients across India, most hospitals in India prefer running local ads to make people living nearby aware of their existence. This not only helps the institutions get traction but also prevents patients from traveling long distances, especially in the case of emergencies.

Along with seeing a rise in consultations, hospitals also intend to use online advertising for circulating important messages in society. For example, looking at the recent surge in cases of heart disease amongst the younger Indian population, cardiac hospitals can run ads dedicated solely to important tips and recommendations for keeping such illnesses at bay.

No matter how skilled your staff is and how upgraded your equipment is, it will be difficult for your hospital to get traction in 2023 if it does not have a towering presence online. Online advertising puts your venture on the map and lets your audience know what they will be missing out on if they don’t seek consultation from your healthcare professionals when the going gets tough! ( Visit:

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