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LG's innovative SRK-driven campaign for OLED redefines marketing norms in the digital era

The campaign's engagement, surpassing industry averages, underscores the potential of unorthodox strategies in the contemporary digital landscape.

In a marketing landscape where conventional practices encounter mounting challenges, LG's TVC leak marketing campaign for OLED evo stands out as an exploration of inventive and atypical strategies that resonate with contemporary consumers.

Navigating the intricacies of branded content engagement proves increasingly complex for global brands, walking the fine line between adherence to guidelines and ensuring brand safety. In response, LG, a player in the electronics industry, devised a campaign that goes beyond traditional norms, exemplifying the crucial need for unorthodox thinking in the current marketing environment.

At the core of this strategic shift was the use of LG's brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan, whose extensive online presence, spanning over 3 billion people, became a catalyst for LG's innovative approach. Building on the success of Khan's recent films, Pathaan and Jawan, LG embarked on a campaign that aimed to authentically engage audiences in an era characterised by fleeting attention spans.

The campaign strategy

The campaign unfolded with the distribution of a non-branded TVC teaser, strategically presented as a leaked snippet from an upcoming movie. This intriguing content was carefully shared through SRK fan pages on various social media platforms. 

In a genius move aligning with the campaign strategy, the TVC integrates a scene featuring Khan leaping off a high-rise building, sparking speculation among fans of a potential Dhoom 4 announcement from the superstar. Executed with precision, the TVC skillfully emulates movie clips, cultivating heightened fan interest and virality. 

Notably, the TVC cleverly weaves scenes reminiscent of Khan's iconic work, including an animation sequence reminiscent of Ra.One, further enhancing its impact and resonating with the audience.

What set this campaign apart was the introduction of a 3 day delay before unveiling the true nature of the content. This pause allowed the fan pages to playfully deceive followers, creating a surprising and engaging reveal. The audacity of this approach marked a departure from the commonplace and embraced the unexpected, fostering a deeper level of connection with the audience.

The success of LG's campaign was further facilitated by the strategic use of fan pages. With 73 fan pages boasting a collective following of over 7 million users, the initial teaser clip triggered discussions, accumulating views, RTs/Likes, and comments. 

Exceptional results

The campaign amassed an impressive 6.6 million views, with an additional 111K retweets/likes and 1K comments. The engagement level proved exceptional, standing at a remarkable 25 times higher than the industry norm. 

Notably, the cost-effectiveness of the campaign shines through, boasting a Cost Per View (CPV) that is merely 1/5th of the expense associated with traditional paid promotions.

This success gained recognition from various media outlets and industry observers, underscoring the potential of unorthodox marketing strategies in the contemporary digital landscape.

The marketing impact

As consumers become increasingly discerning and immune to conventional advertising, brands may find inspiration in LG's campaign to explore novel avenues that captivate attention and foster authentic connections.

The campaign's triumph prompts a reevaluation of the role of influencers and brand ambassadors in shaping marketing narratives. LG's adept use of Khan's immense online presence showcases the potential for brands to harness the influence of key figures to generate intrigue and engagement.

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