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Lifestyle Powerhouse – strengthens its content portfolio with unique offerings

Femina retains its position as the ultimate content destination for Indian women as brand garners over 250 million impressions, 70 million page views and more than 4 million social media interaction on monthly basis.

For over six decades, Femina has been the most-trusted destination of content consumption for Indian women. Touted for knowing the pulse of the Indian woman, Femina has continued to stay abreast of the changing times by catering to their evolving needs and preferences. Even in its digital avatar, has always kept quality content at its core by covering a broad spectrum of relevant and insightful topics that include fashion, beauty, relationships, health and wellness, travel, and food.

This year, where everything has been far from normal and everyone striving to balance their lives, recognized the need for a solution-driven content portfolio. With this insight, the brand has funneled a more personalized approach by diversifying and strengthening their expertise into categories like Food, Wellness, Tech/Consumer Durables, and Finance. Experts at Femina are now matching up to the tastes and content choices of the modern multi-tasking and well-informed women of India. For example, the Food segment on Femina offers easy to access videos, a large network of food influencers, both Indian and international chefs and experts, celeb driven food content.

The extensive content portfolio offered in a timely manner has resulted in the overall growth of the brand on the digital front. The website average sessions duration increased by 35%, Femina garners a whopping 250 Million impressions,70 Million page views, more than 15 Million video views and 4 Million social media interaction on monthly basis. That’s not all! The brand’s initiative #FeminaWithYou was aimed at aiding women to navigate the lives of struggling women during the pandemic. The brand has dived deeper into these themes by offering engaging content across varied formats that include social media posts, videos, E-magazine thereby bringing in a holistic insight-driven guide to navigate problems around it.

Deepak Lamba
Deepak Lamba

Throwing light on the evolution of Femina’s content pillars, Deepak Lamba, CEO, Worldwide Media, explains, “With six decades of driving multiple formats and being part of major and significant content and cultural evolutions, Femina has constantly strived to connect with its audiences across platforms. As a result, the brand has now extended its entity as an omnipresent legacy brand at all the major touch points pertinent to Indian women. In this journey of evolution, we have created a diverse content ecosystem and retained the position as the most trusted destination of content consumption for Indian women”

When asked about how Femina has tackled the preferential shift of readers during this pandemic, Lamba shared, “Since its inception, Femina has always kept the interests of Indian women at the core of every thought-driven piece of content or activity. During this pandemic, we shape-shifted our content to adopt a more personalized and holistic approach in our offerings that has resonated phenomenally with our audience. In the initial phase of this cycle of change, we increased our production around the categories of food, health and wellness as we saw interest piqued in these respective domains.”

“When we witnessed a heightened interest in domains such as food, wellness, fitness, we recognised the need for a solution-oriented personalised content. So when we aligned our content to cater to this gap, it was greeted by a phenomenal response on content pertaining to Food, Wellness, Tech/Consumer Durables, and Finance.” he added

Amongst the many challenges faced by publishers during this pandemic, maintaining the right balance to the constant shift in audience preferences has indeed been a herculean task. Femina, distilling its extensive experience, concocts a solution that strikes the right balance in terms of what the audience have been looking for and preempting their content requirements. As the world moves towards a new normal, Femina stands true to its core belief of being the constant companion for women.