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MamaXpert promotes selfcare during motherhood days through their campaign video

Happiness is significantly greater when moms are able to perform self-care in their pregnancy.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it is also one of the most challenging times in a mother’s life. Right from the moment, she is pregnant to the time she has the baby in her hands, there’s a lot that she goes through.

While obviously, caring for the baby-to-be is extremely important, it is equally important to ensure the needs of the mother are met as well. Keeping this at the centre of their focus, MamaXpert by Cipla Health conducted a small social experiment. Called ‘What Mama Wants’, the social experiment brings to light the inherent bias most people have when it comes to tending to the needs of pregnant women.

To do so, two groups were chosen to be a part of the campaign. The first group comprised of regular people while the second group consisted of pregnant women. Each group was asked to pick daily household objects that would make the life of a pregnant woman easier.

The first group, comprised of regular people picked up objects that would help the mothers care for their babies better. Whereas the second group made up of pregnant women chose something that would help make their own lives a bit more comfortable during pregnancy.

Through the experiment, the brand showed how even though people’s intentions were right, all of us are conditioned to focus on the child over the needs of the mother itself.

The campaign was further supported with a specially created campaign hub where pregnant women, as well as mothers, could share advice on self-care with other pregnant women. MamaXpert didn’t just want to create a story, but also support it with an activity that bought about a sense of community among pregnant women. The landing page aptly titled ‘The Mother Board’ let women share their pieces of personal advice in a short, simple way so that it acts as an easy reference point for pregnant women.

MamaXpert claims to be India’s first specialist mother care brand devoted to putting moms first. They offer expertise and complete care to help women deal with every step of their pregnancy and motherhood, with a range of products made wholly and solely for moms. MamaXpert being a mother-care brand has perfectly spread its brand proposition through this campaign video, also moving one step closer to normalising self-care for pregnant women, because if mom is well, everything is well!

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