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Marketing visionary's Premier League affair: A conversation with Manu Kumar

While other leagues have their strengths, the Premier League's global appeal, competitive equilibrium, financial might, and electric atmosphere make it unparalleled.

The Premier League, a football spectacle that has taken the world by storm, ignites an unparalleled passion among fans across the globe. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the quiet corners of Chennai, India stands as one of the most fervent markets for this football extravaganza. In this exclusive interview, we uncover the fervour that burns within a leading marketer in the Indian automotive space and share in their unwavering love for the Premier League while relishing in the cherished sporting moments that have been etched into their soul.

Meet Manu Kumar, a force to be reckoned with in the realm of marketing and corporate communication, currently steering the ship at Hero Electric Vehicles. Beyond his corporate persona, Manu's heart beats to the rhythm of football, particularly the pulsating energy of the Premier League.

"For fans, it represents a passion for the sport and their favourite team, evoking a sense of pride and belonging.," Manu articulates, a reflection of the league's deep-rooted impact on fans. The league's global appeal, fuelled by top-tier talent and intense competition, resonates with fans from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Even for those without a specific team allegiance, the Premier League's electrifying matches are magnetic, drawing in viewers with their unpredictable outcomes and awe-inspiring moments.

Manu's affair with the Premier League sparked during his days at a marketing agency collaborating with ESPN. In the mid-1990s, the agency was on a mission to propel the Premier League's popularity among Indian schools. "That campaign hooked me to the Premier League, and my allegiance found its home with Manchester United," he shares. The historic Wembley Stadium, a monument to football history, became a beacon of his newfound passion.

Reflecting on unforgettable memories, Manu's gaze turns to the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final, an epic showdown etched in Manchester United's history. On that fateful day in Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium, Manchester United faced Bayern Munich. A seemingly insurmountable 1-0 lead for Bayern Munich had fans holding their breath. But in a cinematic twist, Manchester United orchestrated a breathtaking comeback in mere minutes.

"In the 91st minute, Teddy Sheringham's equaliser breathed new life into the match, bringing hope to the United fans," Manu recounts, “In the 93rd minute, another corner kick was awarded to Manchester United, and this time, Ole Gunnar Solskjær managed to find the back of the net with a memorable goal, sealing a 2-1 victory for his team.” This triumphant moment, a testament to resilience and determination, still reverberates in the hearts of fans worldwide.

The allure of watching Premier League matches on the big screen isn't lost on Manu, echoing the sentiments of 83% of viewers from a recent survey. The big screen experience amplifies emotions, transforming solitary cheers into a symphony of shared passion. "Broadcasters often provide more comprehensive and detailed coverage on the big screen. They use multiple camera angles, slow-motion replays, and analysis to enhance the viewers' understanding and enjoyment of the game. Fans can see the finer details of the game, such as player movements, passing accuracy, and tactical formations, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the match," Manu notes. The meticulous broadcast coverage, featuring multiple angles and insightful analysis, enriches the understanding and appreciation of the game.

The larger-than-life appeal of the Premier League also sets it apart from its global counterparts. "While other leagues have their strengths, the Premier League's global appeal, competitive equilibrium, financial might, and electric atmosphere make it unparalleled. These distinctive elements, combined with the league's amalgamation of star power, cultural diversity, and fierce competition creates an irresistible cocktail that continually enchants fans." Manu states.

Manu Kumar's Premier League journey epitomises the league's ability to stir unwavering passion. From captivating comebacks to iconic moments, the Premier League has etched itself into the hearts of fans across the world, including passionate marketers like Manu. As India solidifies its status as a fervent Premier League hub, Manu's story stands as a testament to the league's transcendent magic, fostering a global community united by the love for the beautiful game. With each goal, each save, and each match, the Premier League continues to evoke emotions that unite the world in the spirit of football.

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