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NANGROW™ and KLAY unite for nationwide Children's Day Karnival for holistic toddler development

The Klay Karnival, held across 20+ KLAY centres, offered a unique blend of play, learning, and nutritional awareness for toddlers and parents alike.

In celebration of Children's Day, NANGROW™, the toddler  nutrition brand by Nestlé, collaborated with KLAY, India's leading chain of child development and care centres, to participate in a nationwide event called the KLAY Karnival. The event, conducted on November 25, unfolded across 20 centres in six cities, captivating the attention of nearly 2000 toddler parents. 

This highly successful initiative marked the commencement of a long-term collaboration between Nestlé NANGROW™ and KLAY, laying the groundwork for impactful joint initiatives in the future.

The KLAY Karnival witnessed the convergence of KLAY's expertise in child development and care with NANGROW™'s commitment to fostering healthy eating habits among toddlers. Families attending the KLAY Karnival were treated to guided tours featuring various engaging activities such as craft sessions and movie screenings. 

As part of this collaboration, NANGROW™ provided co-branded hampers coupled with insightful education on healthy eating to parents at all participating centres. These hampers include an assortment of goodies.

The Gurgaon (Golf Course Road) centre witnessed a unique and immersive experience, where NANGROW™ actively engaged mothers and children through interactive games. These activities were meticulously designed to convey the crucial message of the significance of nutrition in the holistic growth and development of children.

The KLAY Karnival, as the first in a series of collaborative initiatives between Nestlé NANGROW™ and KLAY, served as a testament to the shared vision of both brands in nurturing the holistic growth and development of toddlers.

In a recent press release, Mr. Vineet Singh, director, nutrition business, Nestlé India, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the shared commitment to the learning and holistic development of toddlers. 

He says, “We are aligned in our common objective of working towards the learning and holistic development of toddlers and believe that the partnership would be able to positively contribute to the cause. The string of activities undertaken by the team on Children’s Day at the KLAY Karnival is an exercise in the direction to achieve this objective.”

In the same release, Mr. AK Srikanth, CEO of Founding Years Learning Solutions, KLAY's parent organisation, echoed the sentiment, emphasising KLAY's passion for providing an optimal environment for early years' learning. 

“Our collaboration with Nestlé NANGROW™ marks a momentous occasion, bringing together our expertise in early years learning and Nestlé’s commitment to providing learning and holistic development of toddlers. We are excited to embark on this journey hand in hand with Nestlé NANGROW™, and hope to together, create an environment where every toddler can flourish, learn, and grow to their fullest,” he says.

The Children’s Day initiative marks the beginning of a series of planned activities under this partnership. As NANGROW™ and KLAY embark on this long-term collaboration, the KLAY Karnival stands as a milestone, laying the foundation for a series of initiatives that promise to shape the landscape of early childhood development in the times to come

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