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Next Bold Beat in Advertising: JioSaavn’s Dynamic Audio Spot

Mondelez India’s Oreo had an incredible 2.45MM+ Audio ads delivered via JioSaavn and saw 24.3MM+ display impressions across the app!

Millennial, Female, Metropolitan City.

This is a common target audience for say an FMCG brand trying to cut through the noise. But imagine the vast diversity in tastes, lifestyle & preferences of a 25-year-old woman living in a metropolitan city.

Ritika, one of your potential consumers, lives in Mumbai and enjoys a cup of coffee right before work on a Monday morning while jamming to Sufi music. While Soumya, who lives in Delhi, may enjoy one on Wednesday evening, as she listens to house music to help her power through the week. Your consumers are not built the same. Why should your ads? To solve this problem and ensure brands that advertise on JioSaavn get the maximum ROAS, the audio streaming platform launched a new ad format - the Dynamic Audio Spot.

Hyper-personalization of ads is the future

Personalization is key to ensuring your audience relates to the product and hence the ad. It is imperative that you are targeting the right audience at the right moment to catch the consumer in the moment of truth.

Enter JioSaavn. JioSaavn’s newest ad experience - the Dynamic Audio Spot delivers hyper-personalized & contextual ads at scale by leveraging real-time data. This ad format allows brands to target listeners based on time of the day, genres of music they prefer listening to, and even location of the end consumer. JioSaavn can now hyper-personalize ads using the Dynamic Audio Spot for all its partner brands at scale by leveraging AI & customer data. Not only that, they can even target millions of listeners like Ritika & Soumya across the globe leading to the delivery of more relevant ads and hence better conversions! The 15 - 20 second ad format allows brand partners, such as you, to get deep data insights about the performance of your ad too, and can also support external URLs making it a go-to format to direct traffic to your website.

In fact, Oreo saw stellar results while delivering hyper-personalized ads and worked with JioSaavn & Wavemaker to launch Oreo Double Stuf.

JioSaavn x Oreo Double Stuf Success Story

Mondelez India reached out to partner with JioSaavn to create awareness about the newly launched Oreo Double Stuf and JioSaavn understood the assignment! The strategy for Oreo Double Stuf accounted for everything – the different target audiences across location, time of day, and even the genre of music consumers preferred. JioSaavn, in collaboration with Wavemaker, displayed 112 contextual ad combinations and personalized the ads to suit Oreo’s customers perfectly. JioSaavn & Wavemaker created ads that were triggered by a listener's real-time streaming behavior. So a listener in Delhi, who enjoyed listening to nostalgic beats heard an ad catered specifically for Delhiites which was also customized to mention the kind of music they heard too!

Next Bold Beat in Advertising: JioSaavn’s Dynamic Audio Spot

Oreo had an incredible 2.45MM+ Audio ads delivered via JioSaavn and saw 24.3MM+ display impressions across the app! With a 2.5% CTR, much above the platform standards, JioSaavn & Wavemaker gave the brand all the love. The Dynamic Audio Spot shows how far the digital audio advertising industry has come in India and how evolved targeting has become. Oreo & many others have taken the plunge and seen phenomenal results with JioSaavn. So what are you waiting for? Read more about Oreo’s one-of-a-kind campaign here and take your first step into digital audio advertising.

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