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PayTunes' dynamic weather-triggered audio ads drive exceptional results for TATA AIG Insurance across India

Leveraging real-time weather data to trigger contextually relevant audio ads, the campaign achieved impressive results across music streaming platforms.

PayTunes, a leading ad-tech platform, today announced the resounding success of a dynamic audio advertising campaign for TATA AIG Insurance.

Leveraging real-time weather data to trigger contextually relevant audio ads, the campaign achieved impressive results across music streaming platforms reaching an estimated 4 million unique users in three distinct regions: Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, and Rajasthan.

Hyper-targeted audio resonates with listeners

The campaign's core innovation lies in its dynamic creative approach. PayTunes' technology leveraged various real-time data points, including weather information, to tailor the ad content for each listener. This exposed listeners to highly relevant ad variations from TATA AIG's comprehensive insurance portfolio, promoting their commitment to Expect Complete claim settlement.

By using weather temperature in audio creative, PayTunes was able to eliminate the clutter of audio ads and ensure listeners received messages with unique audio creative about TATA AIG's insurance Complete claim settlement at the most reasonable times. This approach likely contributed to the campaign's success in capturing listener attention and promoting a positive perception of TATA AIG's complete claim settlement policy.

Exceptional ad recall across all regions

The campaign yielded remarkable results across all three regions, showcasing the power of dynamic, weather-triggered audio advertising. Here's a breakdown of the ad recall success:

  • Tamil Nadu: A strong 55% of listeners remembered hearing the TATA AIG Insurance ad.

  • Mumbai: An impressive 58% of listeners recalled the ad.

  • Rajasthan: A staggering 73% of listeners remembered the ad, highlighting the campaign's exceptional impact in this region with vastly different weather patterns.

Uplift in key metrics paints a positive picture

While ad recall is a crucial metric, PayTunes goes beyond to measure the campaign's effectiveness comprehensively. Uplift attribution rates, indicating the percentage of listeners who recalled the brand name TATA AIG, paint a clear picture:

  • Tamil Nadu: Uplift attribution of 18 points.

  • Mumbai: Uplift attribution of an impressive 27 points.

  • Rajasthan: While uplift attribution remained Positive, further analysis is underway to understand potential contributing factors specific to the region's unique weather patterns and audience demographics.

Soaring interest and positive brand perception

The campaign successfully piqued listener interest, with an uplift in this metric across all locations:

  • Tamil Nadu and Mumbai: Uplift interest of 17 and 11 points respectively.

  • Rajasthan: A significant uplift in interest of 34 points, indicating the dynamic creative approach resonated strongly with listeners in this region, potentially due to the campaign's ability to address weather-related concerns more directly.

Uplift in brand image and consideration for TATA AIG

The campaign's impact transcended mere ad recall and interest generation. Uplift in brand image showcases the positive perception listeners developed towards TATA AIG:

  • Tamil Nadu: Uplift brand image of 24 points.

  • Mumbai: Uplift brand image of 28 points.

  • Rajasthan: Uplift brand image of 18 points.

This positive brand perception translated into increased consideration for TATA AIG when making insurance decisions:

  • Tamil Nadu: Uplift consideration of 14 points.

  • Mumbai: Uplift consideration of 13 points.

  • Rajasthan: Uplift consideration of an impressive 28 points, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in driving potential customers towards TATA AIG, particularly in a region where weather-related insurance needs might be more prominent.

Dynamic creativity in action

Here's an example of how the dynamic creative approach worked:

(For listeners in a hot region like Rajasthan) Narrator:

"Baahar ka taapmaan abhi 31 Degree hai. Par woh toh expected tha, jaise ki Tata AIG ke saath complete claim milna expected hai.

TATA AIG Health Insurance. Trusted Name, Complete Claim.

Aaj hi apne advisor ko call kare yaa par visit kare

"PayTunes' dynamic audio advertising technology has proven to be a game-changer," said Gaurav Tiwari, CEO of PayTunes. "This campaign's success across diverse regions like Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, and Rajasthan demonstrates the power of hyper-targeted, contextually relevant audio ads in driving exceptional brand lift and positive consumer perception."

About PayTunes

PayTunes is a leading ad-tech platform that revolutionises audio advertising through innovative technology and data-driven insights. The company empowers brands to reach targeted audiences with dynamic, contextually relevant audio ad experiences. Other offerings Metro Train Audio Advertising across 26 cities, Payment Soundbox Advertising and Connected TV Advertising.

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