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Privé World Box Office: The go-to destination to enjoy must-watch movies from around the world

With the inception of Privé World Box Office, movie enthusiasts can now enjoy a selection of foreign language films that are easy to watch, relatable and entertaining.

The world of cinema is growing exponentially, consumers are now on the lookout for world-class content from around the world. Movie lovers of this age have been seen to have an increasing appetite for foreign-language films which transcend beyond Hollywood and Bollywood movies. While these audiences are growing in number, it was difficult for them to find a definite destination to watch these foreign movies. Catering to this segment of viewers and to aid their expectations came the inception of Privé World Box Office.

Privé World Box Office is a one-stop destination for movie enthusiasts for a selection of foreign language films that are easy to watch, is relatable and entertaining. With the introduction of this property, they intend to build a platform that presents the viewers with must-watch movies from around the world in 10 different languages. They have also ensured to bring in movies of familiar themes to which the viewers can easily associate, while also telecasting blockbuster movies which saw vast success in their country of origin.

By following the concept of screening a new movie every Friday at 9 PM, which then gets re telecasted every day till Thursday, they look to ensure that the viewers get more opportunities to tune-in to the movie which is otherwise difficult for them to watch anywhere else.

With a stack of great movies scheduled to be aired across 3 months, Privé World Box Office promises to bring entertainment for everyone with movies of varied genres and themes. Their unique scheduling of blockbuster movies ensures to cover genres ranging from romantic dramas, comedy to fantasy and adventure.

Along with their presenting partners Cetaphil and special partner Standard Chartered, &PrivéHD unveiled this innovative offering ‘Privé World Box Office’ which brings movies from across the globe to your home with a light-hearted campaign that urges viewers to ‘feel at home with world movies, no matter the language’. The campaign marks the comeback of actor and filmmaker Deepak Tijori on the screen along with the evergreen Renuka Shahane and also features young internet sensation, Rohit Saraf.

With the intent to emphasize their idea of ‘feel at home, no matter the language’, the campaign showcases a family situation where they are having a conversation in multiple foreign languages. In this light-hearted campaign video, they truly highlight the essence of the Privé World Box Office.

Their airing lineup consists of some highly renowned foreign language movies like the biggest French action franchise ‘Taxi 5’, the top-grossing Norwegian monster movie, Ragnarok, The Idol- True Story of an Underdog who became an ‘Arab Idol’, the Chinese neo-noir crime thriller ‘The Wild Goose Lake’, the French comedy, ‘Fonzy’, one of the craziest French love stories, Jeux D’enfants aka ‘Love Me If You Dare’, the Norwegian drama film based on a real-life event, ‘Utøya: July 22’ and others like ‘The Farewell’ (Mandarin), ‘Headhunters’ (Norwegian) and ‘Pain And Glory’ aka ‘Dolor Y Gloria’ (Spanish).

By catering to the segment of movie enthusiasts who are willing to explore blockbuster foreign-language movies, Privé World Box Office looks to establish something which has not been delved into before. With their distinctive and quirky campaign video and their strong lineup of movies to be aired, Privé World Box Office has ensured that their inception would be as impactful as possible.

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