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Radio City’s Blockbuster Sunday is set to make your weekends exceptional!

1. How will Blockbuster Sunday make it special for Radio City listeners? How is it unique from other such Sunday programs on radio stations?

Blockbuster Sunday on Radio City promises an exceptional weekend experience, distinguishing itself from standard Sunday programs. With a vibrant array of themes, including Bollywood hits, Indie music, health, business, and sports, it caters to diverse interests. Renowned celebrities such as Vicky Ratnani, and Techno Ruhez bring a distinctive touch as they host their particular shows sharing insights and expertise across various domains. Moreover, with an attempt to create a path-breaking element, India's smartest AI-RJ SIA will take a main spot. This fusion of varied content and notable personalities reflects our commitment to making Sundays on Radio City unique and special, ensuring an engaging and unforgettable experience for our valued listeners.

2.  Are there any specific genres or themes that Blockbuster Sunday will focus on, and how do you think these choices will resonate with the audience?

Blockbuster Sunday on Radio City is a kaleidoscope of genres and themes, catering to a diverse audience. From health and wellness insights with Sri Sri Gurudev to Foodcast with Vicky Ratnani the wide range of shows cover tech, automobiles, relationships and much more. Each segment is curated with precision, ensuring that there's something for every listener's interest. As mentioned before, the introduction of India's smartest AI RJ SIA is no less than a companion on your radio journey. This thoughtful blend of content is designed to appeal with the audience's diverse tastes, offering an enriching experience that goes beyond conventional radio programming. Whether it's discovering new Indie artists or diving into the world of web series on "OTT & Chill," Blockbuster Sunday aims to captivate and engage Radio City listeners in ways that make their Sundays truly special.

3. Any special segments within Blockbuster Sunday that listeners can anticipate, and how these will contribute to the show's appeal?

Absolutely, Blockbuster Sunday is brimming with special segments that promise to captivate Radio City listeners. From "Art of Living" with Sri Sri Gurudev's focus on health and wellness to “Show Sha’’ from Praveen Bhatt each show has its unique vibe.”Game Point" dives into diverse sports, featuring interviews with eminent personalities like Rohan Bopanna and PV Sindhu and more. "Sunday on Auto Mode" provides practical car tips, "Food Cast" explores culinary delights with Vicky Ratnani, and "Techno Talk" with Techno Ruhez keeps listeners ahead in tech. Additionally, "Ginnie Ki Library," "Star Express," and "City Top 10" promise engaging content, while "OTT & Chill" and "SAY na SIA" add a modern and tech-savvy flair. These special segments contribute to Blockbuster Sunday's broad appeal, offering a plethora of entertainment across various interests and ensuring an unforgettable experience for our audience.

4. How do you think Blockbuster Sunday will redefine entertainment for listeners?

‘Blockbuster Sunday’ is poised to revolutionize entertainment for our listeners, overcoming traditional radio experiences. By curating an eclectic mix of segments spanning health, technology, Bollywood, and beyond, the show ensures a diverse and engaging lineup. The novel addition of India's smartest AI – RJ SIA brings a personalized touch, while celebrity hosts like Vicky Ratnani infuse their expertise. Specialized genres, ranging from sports coverage to Indie artist showcases, provide an exciting listening experience. Blockbuster Sunday isn't just a show; it's an elaborate experience, redefining your weekend entertainment with innovation, variety, and a commitment to capturing the many preferences of Radio City's loyal audience.

5.  How will Blockbuster Sunday impact Radio City overall?

Radio City’s Blockbuster Sunday has the potential to provide an entire new listening experience. The wide and interesting schedule, that also includes celebrity hosts and unique features, is expected to appeal to a broader demographic. The launch of AI RJ SIA adds a futuristic edge, distinguishing our radio channel in the radio scene. Blockbuster Sunday portrays Radio City as a comprehensive entertainment hub, with material encompassing health, technology, Bollywood, Indie and more. The show's carefully designed segments, which cover a wide range of topics, aim to increase listener loyalty and satisfaction.

In a nutshell, this is a strategic move with a PAN India debut that cements Radio City's status as a prime destination for Sunday content, throwing light on the station's focus on creating creative and inclusive radio experiences.

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