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Radio City's "City Chale Ayodhya Dham" elicits a soulful journey of culture, spirituality, and sustainable development

CEO Ashit Kukian Shares Insights on the Transformative Campaign, Community Engagement, and Radio City's Vision for Innovation in the Evolving Media Landscape

 1.  What motivated Radio City to launch this initiative?

Radio City undertook the "City Chale Ayodhya Dham" initiative driven by a profound commitment to cultural enrichment and community engagement. The motivation behind this 15-day campaign lies in our belief that Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, holds immense cultural and spiritual significance. We aim to connect hearts and minds across the nation through enlightened narrative that goes beyond mere entertainment. By elevating the campaign on digital platforms and featuring top national RJs, we strive to capture the pride and emotions associated with Ayodhya. Additionally, our support for the 'Plastic Mukt Ayodhya' initiative demonstrates our dedication to sustainable community development. This endeavour is not just a campaign, but you can rather call it a soulful journey that celebrates our cultural heritage with millions worldwide.

2. What are the campaign's precise goals and objectives, as well as the expected impact on the community and your channel?

The campaign was conceived with a dual purpose – first, to offer a transformative experience to our audience by going deep into the cultural and spiritual significance of Ayodhya, and second, to strengthen Radio City's community engagement. Our primary goal is to create a unique and immersive on-air and digital experience that resonates with the pride and emotions associated with Ayodhya, weaving spirituality, culture, and entertainment. Through this initiative, we aim to deepen our connection with the community, sharing untold stories and historic moments. The anticipated impact includes heightened audience engagement, cultural enrichment, and this will position Radio City as a catalyst for positive community development.

3. How did Radio City conceptualise “Plastic Mukt Ayodhya” and in what way have you planned to execute this initiative?

Through the endeavour of 'City Chale Ayodhya Dham' campaign and Radio City’s environment responsibility we planned to spreadhead a green initiative “Plastic Mukt Ayodhya”. Going forward, Ayodhya will see a huge number of footfalls in terms of people visiting the city. Hence, we thought it was crucial to bring about consciousness amongst everyone visiting this monumental place to ensure it continues to remain green and clean. As a part of this initiative, we planned to distribute numerous eco-friendly bags to shopkeepers in Ayodhya trying to sensitise everyone to choose sustainable options instead of plastic. Along with spreading the Ayodhya City Vibe to our listeners present across 39 cities in India, we are also creating awareness to adapt to sustainable solutions through ‘Plastic Mukt Ayodhya’. By doing this we are contributing directly to our country’s vision of Plastic Mukt Bharat. This will be our small contribution in making Ayodhya a world class and sustainable destination for travellers visiting from all around the world.

4.  How does Radio City plan to actively engage its audience and stakeholders in the initiative?

At Radio City, we are strategically planning robust engagement strategies to involve our listeners and stakeholders in the initiative. Leveraging our digital platforms, we will conduct interactive contests, encouraging active participation and creating a sense of community involvement. Our top national RJs and digital influencers will converge to share engaging videos, conduct live sessions, and showcase captivating reels, fostering a dynamic online presence. The contest gives its listeners an opportunity to become a lucky winner and experience a soulful Darshan in Ayodhya. To add to that, our mobile van initiative, covering Ayodhya Dham, will ensure a physical presence, where RJs and influencers will share unheard stories and historical insights, further connecting with the community. This multifaceted strategy will ensure that our listeners and stakeholders are actively engaged, resulting in a shared and memorable experience for everyone.

5.  Considering the rapidly evolving media landscape, how does Radio City envision this ‘Chale Ayodhya Dham’ campaign as a catalyst for innovation and adaptation in the industry?

Taking into consideration the ethos being innovative and class-apart in all our strategies, Radio City envisions the 'City Chale Ayodhya Dham' campaign as a transformative force in the media landscape. By seamlessly merging realistic on-air experiences with a strong digital presence, we are setting a new standard for engaging campaigns. The dynamic collaboration of top national RJs, influencers, and interactive contests reflects our focus on staying at the forefront of evolving audience preferences. This dynamic approach not only caters to current trends but anticipates future shifts in media consumption patterns. In essence, this campaign becomes a pioneering model, showcasing Radio City's ability to embrace innovation and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the media industry.

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