Abhinav Anand
Marketing Initiative

Reliance Market captures the essence of Holi with their new jingle

Reliance Market releases a musical film as a part of their festive campaign 'Utsav Anek, Market Ek'

With Holi just around the corner, Indian households are buzzing with the preparation for the most colorful day in India. Holi being the festival which is celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm, it has a profound impact across all northern parts of India. Apart from the aspect of vibrant colors, the theory of togetherness that this festival brings in is phenomenal. Leveraging on the joyfulness and excitement associated with the festival, brands work on curating campaigns which would directly influence the audience.

Owing to the sense of festivity, Reliance Market’s festive campaign is all about affection and togetherness of the festivals. The ‘Utsav Anek, Market Ek’ campaign intends to display the festive merriment and how Reliance Market marks itself as an essential aspect of the community celebrations. Reliance Market plays an integral role where they make all festive occasions mighty special for their members. Their new jingle and ad which showcases the essence of Holi, is all about capturing the joy of coming together to celebrate India’s festival of colors.

They have been able to make a powerful impact as the significance of Holi runs well in accordance with their Brand Philosophy of “Yahan Sab Milega, Sab Milenge.” Speaking about the campaign, Shantanu Saha, vice president - marketing, Reliance Market said, “Holi is all about coming together as a community and immersing oneself in colors and optimism, meet, greet, celebrate, forget, forgive & repair broken relationships. This musical film is all about festive happiness and will take you to a colorful ride through our stores and its diverse and exciting customers”.

Their approach towards the new ad film takes the viewers through Reliance Market in a completely innovative way, which is not only organic in its mood but also keeps the feel to be equally modern. They have ideated the concept of using vibrant color products from the shelves of Reliance Market which would lift the mood and showcase how these products are an integral part of our daily life. Their focus on this ad is completely towards displaying how they transform our dull day into a festive mood.

The musical film rolls out by revealing the store in a contemporary yet traditional way by incorporating dance sequences and splashing colors. The Reliance Market premise is beautifully woven with an engaging story line that is mixed with a super sound jingle and a male voice-over. The story-line talks about various little emotions that are shared by the customers at the store.

The ad campaign effectively encapsulates the core emotion that Indians have for festivals. They have used this detail to develop a strong sense of communication with the audience, also keeping in mind the powerful impact that it would help generate. Reliance Market has ticked all boxes by bringing out a colorful, lighthearted film which would take the viewers through the euphoria and satisfaction that a shopper experiences while shopping at Reliance Market.