Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

Reliance Market celebrated Independence Day with an enthralling anthem

Freedom is the birthright of every individual irrespective of their caste, colour, or gender. It does not confine one to a boundary but at the same time brings together everyone under one shade. And while this 'free' feeling is seeped inside every Indian throughout the year, on Independence Day, patriotism and freedom are acknowledged with an undefeated vigour and zeal. With the Indian flag hoisting high, there is an unmatched warmth among the citizens - celebrating the feeling of togetherness and sovereignty. Showcasing this beautiful emotional sentiment is the new Independence Day ad film by Reliance Market.

Reliance Market, the leading wholesale cash and carry store chain which caters to the needs of millions of Kiranas & households, recently launched their Independence Day campaign - #IndiaKaMarket. Coming from a brand which is known to keep its audience hooked with its creative and interesting initiatives, this new campaign stood true to the brand's record. It perfectly captures the sentiment around this special day with an even more special approach. For this occasion, Reliance Market gave its audience an anthem to tune in to - by curating the tunes of music from our regular-use products which one can find while shopping at their stores across the country.

The over a minute-long video is all about the staff and customers coming together at a Reliance Market store to re-create the music of the legendary patriotic song “Sare Jahan Se Accha”. The distinct products used in the video include cola bottles, squeegees, buckets, tea leaves, pulses, bar code scanners, glasses, basketballs, umbrellas, and many more. Not just the products, to add effects to the melody, activities such as thumping, clapping, munching of snacks, playing sports, etc. are also put together in the ad film. Overall the conceptualization both in terms of melody and visuals keeps the audience hooked. In addition to this, the participation of the staff as well as the customers - from kids to adults to senior citizens – clearly highlights the campaign's message of how happiness can be found in the smallest of things in life if we celebrate them together. And what's better than doing it through a fun-filled activity like shopping.

Also, one of the noteworthy things about the ad is the smart use of the products by the brand. While the orchestra of staff and customers keep on creating melodious sound after sound, through different products, the viewers can also check out oodles of products which one can get at the Reliance Market stores. Therefore, while staying true to the theme of the campaign, the brand has also advertised the range of products which one can expect to find at the stores.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Shantanu Saha, Vice President - Marketing, Reliance Market said, “We want to communicate to the people of India that Reliance Market has something for everyone. On India’s day of Independence, India Ka Market shares the pride of freedom with the people of India.”

The digital film has been released online and across the brand's social media channels. Within a short span of its release, the video has gained an appreciation for its distinct and new approach. With over 9 million views on Facebook and more than 2.7 million views on YouTube alone, the campaign's message is surely communicated - loud, clear, and melodic.

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