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Rivalry Creta and Verna: Which one offers value for money?

Planning to buy a car soon? Confused between the Hyundai Verna and the Creta? Let's learn the differences between SUVs and sedans.

Spaciousness, improved riding experience, and off-road capabilities might make an SUV better than a sedan. However, the latest sedans offer excellent features. A significant example is the Verna, which has made promising revolutions with its latest launch. So, this post highlights the competitive rivalry between a sedan and an SUV – Creta and Verna. Let's find out the differences between the two from this post.

Key specifications and interiors

Hyundai brings a stylish interior that looks more mature this time. The dashboard has a dual-tone treatment. Talking about the cabin features of the Hyundai Verna they are mind-blowing. The sophisticated leather treatment makes the interior more sophisticated. Moreover, the rear and front seats bring spacious interiors that improve the overall driving experience for the occupants. 

On the other hand, Creta's interior comes in two tones. The dashboard gets a new update. You can locate ambient lighting in the recess beneath its black piano panel. It also embeds the side AC vent on the dashboard's front passenger side. A couple of exclusive features are also included, such as adjustments to the driver's seat and wireless charging pads. You will also find ventilated seats right in the front room. The following are the key specifications of Creta and Verna:

Cost figures of Creta and Verna 

Verna's base model is available in the petrol engine at Rs. 12.53 lakhs on-road price in Delhi. The top model, on the other hand, comes with a petrol engine at Rs. 18.37 lakhs.

Here's a table that mentions the price figures of Verna variants based on the on-road prices in Delhi:

Verna prices

Creta prices

Creta's facelift models come at Rs. 12.97 lakhs, and it goes up to Rs. 23.86 lakhs, considering the on-road price in Delhi. The base model is available at Rs. 12.97 lakhs, while its diesel counterpart costs Rs. 15.11 lakhs.

Comfort features of Creta and Verna

Comfort is the prime concern that improves your driving experience. This table highlights the comfort features of both Verna and Creta:

Pros and cons: Hyundai Creta and Verna

Considering the above features and aesthetics, here are the pros and cons of Hyundai Creta and Verna:

Final verdict

Considering the above specifications, the choice of a sedan over an SUV or vice versa ultimately depends on your individual interests. If you plan to explore highway driving pleasures, an SUV might always be a better choice. However, Creta comes with features that may be excellent for daily commutes. So, select the one that meets your unique requirements.

If you need a more detailed comparison of variants and pricing, you can head over to the ACKO Drive website. Besides comparison, you can also book your favourite car from the comfort of your home/office on the website. The purchase process is completely online and there is no hassle of visiting the offline dealership to make the booking.

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