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Seagram's Royal Stag positions 3D Anamorphic Digital OOH Innovation under its new campaign “Change Ho Toh Large Ho”

The 3D anamorphic Digital Out Of Home display is installed at the most premium location in Mumbai & Gurgaon. The display leverages the brand’s campaign in a big & bold manner.

Seagram’s Royal Stag has always celebrated the spirit of dreaming, succeeding, and living it large. This year, the brand has provided a new outlook to its philosophy of ‘Live It Large’ with a powerful new campaign, ‘Change ho toh large ho’ through which the brand strives to become more modern and youthful, truly embodying the GenZ spirit & attitude. The new Stag is progressive, mirrors the ideology of the youth and celebrates their bold attitude.

The brand has always been known to stay ahead of the curve, setting benchmarks that break the clutter. Innovation and first-mover advantage are consistent pillars of the brand’s in-market execution. Taking it ahead as a lighthouse brand, Royal Stag has installed a 3D anamorphic Digital Out Of Home display at the most premium location in Mumbai & Gurgaon. This display leverages the brand’s new campaign in a big & bold manner in true ‘Living It Large’ style.

The Digital OOH is an important cog in the overall brand campaign plan under the umbrella thought of “Change Ho Toh Large Ho”. On the technology front, an anamorphic display uses 3D animation. To put it simply, an anamorphic image is one that appears normal only when viewed from a certain angle or a certain perspective. Using 3D animation, DOOH ads using anamorphic imagery can present onlookers with a larger-than-life image that appears to be popping out of the billboard. The installation has been created by the brand’s media agency, Wavemaker India, part of the WPP group.

To bring the message alive the campaign was kickstarted by Bollywood’s most versatile actor Ranveer Singh, whose passion, vigor and quirk have set him apart from his contemporaries. Ranveer, in his jolly persona that resonates well with the brand's message, echoes the brand's philosophy that exemplifies the mindset of young India, who have debunked the old parameters of success and have redefined their journey to the top.

Ranveer exemplifies the attitude of the brand campaign ‘Act chota ho ya bada, impact sirf large ho, change ho toh large ho!”, thus perfectly illustrating Royal Stag’s new philosophy, ‘a new Stag for a new generation.’ Many such kindred spirits & changemakers like Surya Kumar Yadav, Nucleya, Lisa Mishra etc., whose actions have made a powerful impact in their chosen profession, can also be seen as a part of this campaign.

Seagram's Royal Stag positions 3D Anamorphic Digital OOH Innovation under its new campaign “Change Ho Toh Large Ho”

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The campaign is live from 15th December 22 at Carter Road, Mumbai and will be live in Gurgaon in January 2023. More than 10 Lakh people are expected to view the outdoor display, and the campaign is already creating quite a flutter among netizens. This association has been conceptualized and crafted by Wavemaker India.

On this association Karthik Nagarajan, chief content officer, Wavemaker India and Head- Branded Content Group M India said: “When it’s an iconic brand like Royal Stag, the stakes are always higher. Celebrating the launch of the new Stag insignia, we are extremely excited to partner and deliver the category’s first 3D anamorphic OOH innovation. Also, this is by far the largest anamorphic installation in India till date. At Wavemaker, our philosophy is to positively provoke our clients and create industry-first innovative work for our brands. Interactive entertainment is the future of consumer experience, and we are all excited to ride this wave”.

Seagram’s Royal Stag is the flagship brand of Pernod Ricard India, a fully owned subsidiary of Pernod Ricard SA. Royal Stag has been a consistent star since launch, and a brand quite often credited to have changed the rules of the game. It is for the young, confident, progressive, and inspiring individual who embodies self-belief. The brand has been inspiring young India through its communication around the philosophy of “It is your life. Live it large”.

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