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Sell On Amazon’s ‘Kal Ki Tayyari Shuru’ campaign invites sellers to discover trust at Amazon and start preparing for the future

The new brand film starring Paresh Rawal portrays the journey of shopkeeper Mishra Ji, offering a new beginning and a better tomorrow for sellers.

In an effort to bolster its commitment to sellers and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit, Sell On Amazon has launched its latest campaign, Amazon ka Bharosa, Kal Ki Tayyari Shuru —Discover Amazon’s trust, start preparing for tomorrow. Taking the message of last year’s Amazon Ka Bharosa campaign one step further, the new campaign once again features seasoned Indian actor and comedian Paresh Rawal as MishraJi, a seller who confidently embraces the future with Amazon as his reliable business partner.

In the spot, Mishra Ji's story unfolds in a typical Indian dukaan, with staff busy packing multiple orders for delivery; however, he is seen playfully engaging with a toy. When asked about the reason for his carefree demeanour, he reveals that he is confident about the success of his business with Amazon and hence has become ‘tension-free’. Mishra Ji appreciates transparent pricing and the culture of no hidden charges at Amazon,  payments within seven days of delivery, and the worry-free experience that comes with selling on Amazon.

Due to this confidence that comes from having a trustworthy business partner, he is fulfilling his dream of diversifying his shop's product range, expanding from kid's clothes to include kids' toys as well. As he receives his first order for kids' toys, the tagline echoes, Kal Ki Tayyari Shuru—Start preparing for the future.

The campaign invites sellers to become part of the Amazon Seller community, India's most visited shopping destination. It aims to reinforce Amazon's position as a trustworthy online business partner for sellers, underscoring the opportunity for sellers to connect with millions of customers and kickstart their selling journey. As a part of the festive season celebrations, Amazon also announced a special limited-time offer: a 50% waiver on selling fee for all sellers who join Amazon now.

Tithi Ghosh, president, Ogilvy South - Ogilvy & Mather, explains the creative approach, stating, “Our task is to keep strengthening Amazon’s position as a ‘Trusted partner‘ to millions of individual-run businesses in India. Our challenge has always been to avoid being transactional in its relationship with them and instead show how Amazon adds value to their entrepreneurial abilities. This year’s campaign demonstrates what can happen to the prospects of a small business owner when he has a trusted partner like Amazon.

Strategically unveiled during the festive season, a period symbolising a fresh beginning for numerous sellers across India, the timing of the campaign aligns with the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, which marks a time of renewal, hope, and joy.

For sellers, this festive season becomes a pivotal moment to align their offerings with the heightened demand for a diverse range of products. With tens of millions of customers converging on during this period, the platform becomes a bustling marketplace where sellers can showcase their products to a massive and diverse audience.

On June 5, 2023, Amazon marked its 10-year anniversary in India. Over 14 lakh sellers stand as a testament to the platform’s efficacy in providing sellers with the tools and visibility needed to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Benefits such as transparent fees and no hidden charges, 7-day payment upon delivery, and delivery to 100% serviceable pin codes through Easy Ship and Fulfilled By Amazon, along with the influx of millions of customers on, create a compelling bouquet of benefits for sellers. 

Additionally, a limited-time 50% discount on selling fees encourages sellers to bring their business online. Overall, Amazon offers a transformative opportunity for sellers to establish their presence, connect with customers on a larger scale, and boost their sales this festive season.

Amit Nanda, Director SPS, Amazon, expresses the current business scenario for Sell on Amazon, “Sellers actively seek a trustworthy business partner when taking their business online. The support and guidance provided at the start of their online business journey gives them the peace of mind to confidently pursue their dreams. During the festive season, sellers juggle multiple priorities, seeking certainty in their business and therefore it marks an opportune time for us to launch our campaign reinforcing Amazon's role as a trusted business partner, offering sellers the opportunity to broaden their business horizons. The brand campaign also introduces a limited-time offer for sellers- a 50% selling fee waiver across categories and urges them to join thousands of sellers who achieved their highest-ever single-day sales in the initial 48 hours of the Amazon Great Indian Festival, this year.”

The registration process to become an Amazon seller has also been made simpler and more intuitive with three straightforward steps: Making an account with GST and bank account details, choosing storage and shipping preferences, and finally, listing products.

As the festive season unfolds and the new year is ushered in, Kal Ki Tayyari Shuru offers a new beginning for sellers, a chance to confidently pursue their passion and expand their business with Amazon as a reliable partner.

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