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Taking Sehat Ka Promotion To The Next Level: Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil's 21 Day Challenge Makes Wave

Started on January 01, 2020, #SehatKaPromotionChallenge is being taken up by country's top digital fitness enthusiasts.

A new year brings a ton lot of new resolutions to embrace over the year. While picking up new hobbies and digging into the unfulfilled ones remain the prime mover, health-related resolutions stay on top of almost everybody's list. And why shouldn't it be? Gym memberships scale, workout regimes are laid out, the term 'healthy-diet' gets induced into conversations. But all these aspirations of a healthy body and mind start to fade within a couple of weeks. Lack of motivation, increased fatigue & tiresomeness leads to procrastination of a 'healthy' vow.

To avoid drop-outs and ensure commitment, India's leading edible oil and foods brand, Fortune Foods recently released its #SehatKaPromotionChallenge. The challenge is powered by Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil and gives the person the right reason to kick start the new year with a healthy routine. The challenge is backed by the scientifically proven fact that if a practice is sincerely followed for 21 days continuously, it eventually becomes a habit. It's noteworthy that this challenge is raised by a brand that has been a harbinger of introducing healthy and nutritive oils in its space.

To reach out to the masses, the brand leveraged influencer marketing. It collaborated with four popular content creators (Rashmi Agarwal, Sonali Swami, Shibani Gharat, Paridhi Pandey) on Instagram whose core focus is on health and are keen fitness enthusiasts. These fitness enthusiasts have taken up the 21 day challenge this new year and are taking up one new healthy habit every day to include in their lifestyle. Some of these activities are push ups, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, running, and planks. In addition to this, these fitness enthusiasts also strongly believe in working towards peace of mind along with a healthy diet.

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Day 3 -Today’s Challenge: Drink enough water. How much is enough? I’d say anywhere between 3-4 litres a day should be enough, you are the best judge and it also depends on how active you are! 3-4 litre is perfect. Our daily busy routine interferes with our water intake as we generally forget, we feel hungry and mostly the cause of reduced water intake. Some of the benefits are listed below: ● Water Helps to Maximize Physical Performance. ... ● Hydration Has a Major Effect on Energy Levels and Brain Function. ... ● Drinking Water May Help to Prevent and Treat Headaches. ... ● Drinking More Water May Help Relieve Constipation. ... ● Drinking More Water Can Help With Weight Loss. Let’s remind our near and dear ones about drinking enough water and how important it is. You can participate by uploading a photo or video of you performing the challenge and stand a chance to win fitness bands. 10 Lucky winners will be selected! Looking forward for your participation! . Don't forget to tag me @rashmi.anaokar.agarwal and @fortune.foods in your post. . Use the hashtags #SehatKaPromotionChallenge #FortuneRiceBranOil and tag @fortune.foods Let’s kick off the new year with a healthy lifestyle and create a healthy habit! . . . . . . . . . . #fortunefood #fitnesschallege #FortuneRiceBranOil #21daychallenge💪#doitforyourself❤️ #makeitahabit #fitmom #momwholifts💪 #iownme #mybody #youareimportant #fitnessjourney #fitnesscoach #liftweights #goals #evolveeveryday #teamwork #fitnesscoach #strongwomen #womenwholift #activemoms #healthymoms #smashingweights #likeagirl

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Today is DAY3 of Sehat Ka Promotion Challenge💪 Powered by Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil . Today's challenge is SUPERMAN TO PLANK 🦸🦸🦸 . The superman to plank is a great medium intensity CORE COMBO EXERCISE that strengthens our lower back and core muscles thus helping us to build stability and strength throughout our entire body . Core strength is crucial for helping keep our spine in alignment & also helps keep us safe from strain injuries , so making sure our core strength is in check is absolutely vital for a healthy lifestyle. Hold each position for 5 seconds.. Go for 20 rounds 👩‍⚕️ . Can't wait to see your participation videos and pictures 📸 . 10 lucky #winners are going to win cool #fitnessbands 🎁 . Remember to use the hashtags #SehatKaPromotionChallenge and #FortuneRiceBranOil & Also tag @fortune.foods and @sonali_swami . . . #fitnesschallenge #fitgirlsofig #fitmomsrock #healthylifestyles #superman #plank #fitsporation _______________________

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Day 5 of #SehatkaPromotionChallenge Sundays are typically long run days, and considering it is only 2 weeks to go for the much anticipated Mumbai Marathon, I had a 32+ km run today. Also, interestingly after every long run I crave for pan tossed shallow fried potatoes ( a bit of indulgence is always good) I love the carbs post my run, but the best part is that I have now figured a way to make them healthier with Fortune Rice Bran Oil. Fortune Rice Bran health Oil enhances the taste along with reducing the bad cholesterol in the body helping to lead a heart healthy lifestyle. A secret - it also keeps the skin soft and smooth 🥰 So did you manage to indulge in a healthier way this Sunday? Use the #SehatKaPromotionChallenge and #FortuneRiceBranOil and tag @fortune.foods and 10 lucky winners will be awarded fitness bands.

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The #SehatKaPromotion challenge is now actively running on Instagram and you can participate in it and reward yourself with good health. In addition, lucky winners will get a chance to bag exciting prizes.

Fortune Foods has always been remembered and well associated as a brand that stands true to its core proposition of 'not-just-another-oil' but rather oils that benefit your health. Taking forward this philosophy, #SehatKaPromotionChallenge is yet another remarkable initiative by the brand to encourage the audience to take steps towards improving their lifestyle. Launching this challenge at a time where maintaining ideal personal health seems to be a major concern, coming out with such an initiative promises a colossal reach and brand loyalty. To conclude, this healthy initiative by Fortune Foods not only encourages its audience towards desired fitness goals through consistent healthy habits but also throws light on the big impact of small efforts.

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