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Tata Motors takes a step forward in safer, smarter and greener commercial mobility solutions

The Auto Expo 2023 had been the talk of the town. Several exciting showcases blew away everyone’s mind, here are the key highlights from the TATA Motors Pavilion.

The auto major TATA Motors had the biggest stall at the Auto Expo this year with several models on display in various states of production readiness and their launches ranged across the commercial vehicle, electric vehicle and passenger vehicle segment, showcasing 14 vehicles and concepts. Building on its fundamental strengths of engineering and innovation, its immense passion for 'made in India' and by embracing a human-centric, hi-tech approach, the company unveiled its future-ready range of safer, smarter and greener vehicles and concepts, designed to transform personal mobility, people mobility and cargo transport.

With the largest display of vehicles, concepts and mobility solutions Tata Motors key focus is on factors such as the gradual acceptance of electric vehicles, the widening popularity of CNG technology and a growing preference for SUV body design. At Auto Expo 2023, a number of its existing car models were up on display but the biggest space is reserved for its concept and commercial vehicles.

Tata Motors has unveiled the ACE EV, Yodha CNG and Intra Bi-Fuel which is India’s first CNG+Petrol Pickup in the small commercial vehicles segment. Prima H.55Sm - India's first hydrogen ICE powered concept truck, Prima E.28K - Zero emission versatile tipper concept for Mining and closed loop applications, Ultra E.9, Prima G.35K - India's first LNG Tipper for heavy-duty applications, Prima E.55S - India's first hydrogen fuel cell powered Tractor concept, Signa G.48T and Azura T.19 in heavy-duty trucks.

The company also launched dedicated social media handles for Commercial Vehicles during Auto Expo enabling a specific focus on co-brands and their product ranges namely, Tata Motors Trucks, Tata Motors Small Trucks and Tata Motors Buses and Vans.The page aims to communicate product features and the latest updates.

The adoption of EVs has been slow in India as the technology is new and the charging infrastructure is also limited but to accelerate the development of the EV ecosystem with charging facilities, the homegrown auto major TATA Motors, which currently leads the domestic electric passenger vehicle is constantly looking to drive in a range of electric vehicles across various price points with multiple body styles and features in order to cater to a wide range of customers across segments and focusing on sustainable commercial mobility solutions and environmentally friendly fuels.

Speaking about the future of mobility from the commercial vehicle perspective, Mr. Girish Wagh, Executive Director, of Tata Motors, said, “We are leading the global megatrend of sustainable, connected, and safer mobility in India. With our goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045, we are transforming mobility by re-imagining our entire product portfolio, value chain and operations. Today, we have unveiled India's cleanest, smartest, and most advanced range of logistics and mass mobility solutions across all segments of commercial vehicles. Underpinned by the state-of-the-art propulsion technologies, we are uniquely positioned to offer in every segment multiple green fuel options- natural gas, electric, and hydrogen. Our commitment and proactive actions towards zero-emission technologies will enable customers to progressively and seamlessly transition to cleaner and commercially viable mobility solutions, both over the short and long term.”

To know more about the newly launched vehicles, visit here.

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