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Tata Tiscon unveils first-ever digital campaign "Samajhdar Banein, Behtar Chunein" with first in industry innovations

The brand's debut in the digital realm implements first-in-industry innovations, AI-driven campaigns, and targeted strategies to its advantage.

In a groundbreaking move to demystify the complex world of home construction, Tata Tiscon, the trailblazing TMT rebar brand under the Tata Steel umbrella, partnered with Wunderman Thompson for its debut digital campaign Samajhdar Banein, Behtar Chunein. The venture aimed to elevate consumer awareness in the often-overlooked realm of selecting building materials, traditionally relegated to contractors.

At the core of this initiative lay the unveiling of Tata Tiscon's latest offering, the 550SD rebars. The multi-faceted campaign, meticulously curated by Wunderman Thompson, featured engaging TV commercials where a local engineer became the trusted guide, unravelling the technical intricacies for home builders. The emphasis on Tata Tiscon 550SD's unparalleled superiority in the realm of TMT rebars was a game-changer, setting a new standard for consumer enlightenment.

Strategic multi-platform penetration

The collaboration with Mindshare and GroupM Nexus gave rise to a strategic approach, introducing a Multi-Platform De-Duplicated Unique Reach and Frequency solution. Notably, the campaign surpassed industry benchmarks with a 10% higher Completion Rate and CTRs, reinforcing its reach across top OTTs in India.

Adding another layer of sophistication, Nexus deployed an Artificial Intelligence-powered YouTube Campaign through Copilot, resulting in a remarkable 12% better View Through Rate and over 50% efficiency in planned CPVs. This nuanced integration of technology propelled Tata Tiscon into uncharted territory, showcasing an unprecedented level of innovation in the industry.

Data-driven personalisation for maximum impact

In a bid to direct traffic to their Direct-to-Consumer Page for Aashiyana, Tata Tiscon collaborated with Mindshare and Nexus Programmatic Team. The ingenious use of Weather-based Dynamic Data-led Creative first strategy was a game-changer, delivering a 5x lift in CTRs. Tailoring ads for diverse weather conditions - sunny, rainy, cloudy, and cold - in targeted geographical locations was a testament to the brand's commitment to personalised consumer engagement.

In an industry first, Tata Tiscon introduced the Multi DSP Cross Platform with Copilot AI. This innovation seamlessly ran campaigns across multiple buying platforms, offering a more holistic audience reach. The strategic management of budget and spend across DSPs and inventory channels underscored Tata Tiscon's commitment to achieving optimal business outcomes.

Speaking of the campaign, Ashish Anupam, vice president, long products, Tata Steel says, “Tata Tiscon has always strived to enable our customers to have a joyful home-building experience. This campaign attempts to guide our customers in making informed choices as they build their dream homes.”

S Karthik Narayanan, chief of marketing and sales, Tata Tiscon,Retail says, “It is unfair to expect individual home-builders to have a thorough understanding of technical specifications required for selection of the right rebar. Hence, it is important for us to guide them in a consumer-centric manner without overloading them with industry-specific terminologies”.

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