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The Art of Meme Marketing

The art of understanding the Meme culture and using Meme marketing in the most effective way possible.

Memes have evolved to become the voice of Social Media today. The landscape of conversations that are happening through Memes is so huge that a person only needs to follow a couple of Meme Pages/Meme Influencers to stay updated on what’s happening around the world.

Politics, Cryptocurrency, Movies, relatable content, trolling, opinions, news and infinitely many more conversations on the internet today are consumed in the form of Memes

The Art of Meme Marketing

Well, that’s probably because even in 2021 many brands ‘think’ coming up with a branded version of a viral Meme Trend and posting it on their brand handle is Meme Marketing.

In all honesty, that's a great first move to get closer to the Meme Culture but the major concern is many brands are not curious enough to see what’s the bigger picture with respect to Memes.

Okay, so look at it from this point of view:

‘Imagine if Tesla’s cyber struck’s glass-shattering event was a bait so that people could create memes around it’

‘Imagine if JCB ki Khudai (a viral MemeTrend from 2019) was commissioned by JCB’

So, What is Meme Marketing?

Meme Marketing is the art of packaging any kind of brand narrative in the form of Memes and getting those memes seeded on Social Media through the Meme Community.

What is the Meme Community?

Meme Community is a group of meme connoisseurs who create/curate Memes in different forms. They are basically the source of Meme consumption for the internet. (People/Pages that you follow to consume Memes)

This community ranges From Meme Influencers like Akshar Pathak to Twitter Users with probably 7K followers posting random tweets about their life that are funny enough to be picked by Meme Pages with million+ of Followers.

- Saksham Jadon, Founder of Youngun India - A Meme Marketing Agency

The major reason for Meme Marketing becoming the need of the hour is because of the rising gap between; how brands want to converse with people VS how people prefer to converse.

- Brands want to focus more on what they want to say and not on what/how the people prefer to hear.


- Brands want to feed ads down people's throats under the disguise of ‘retargeting’ and people want to press the ‘SKIP ADS’ button asap.

- Brands are cautious about going casual and people want brands to interact with them in the most casual way possible.

- Brands still think Influencers, TV Ads, Radio Ads are the best ways to advertise but people are ignoring all those mediums and consuming Memes.

Here are some quick tips for brand managers to level up your Meme game :

● Speak to that new intern or probably a 21 to 27-year-old at your workplace to understand what kind of Memes they consume and go follow those Meme pages.

● Every time you see a Meme and you think you didn’t get it, don’t stop there ASK your friends to explain or check the comment section.

● Follow Kunal Shah on Instagram and keep a tap on Memes that he shares on his story.

● Don’t treat Meme Marketing as just another tool to throw Ads (If you want your product/brand logo/product lingo to be a part of Meme) you are probably doing it the wrongest way possible.

● Don’t treat Memes as a new way to package your Ads (This used to work in 2015) not anymore.

If you wish to explore Meme Marketing in more depth for your brand, you can check Youngun India - A Meme Marketing Agency or Ping Saksham Jadon on Linkedin.

These guys are the Meme dealers for brands like Netflix, Tinder, CRED, Myntra, Diageo, Vaseline, Flipkart, Nokia, WWF and many more… !

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