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To FCB India’s Rohit Ohri, ‘theatre’ helped him make the biggest leap in self-belief

Life is about taking a quantum leap to break the everyday routine and do something extraordinary. Be it work, relationships or family, people are always looking out for newer experiences that enrich their lives. However, breaking the wheel of your daily rut is usually not an easy task, as people are so caught up in their monotonous schedules that they forget to turn their “Why’s into Why nots”.

&flix, the English movie channel from ZEEL, urges people to leap out of the ordinary as it celebrates its first anniversary. &flix believes in #EverydayLeaps that allow you to break away from the monotony and do something new, everyday. The Hollywood movie channel with its massive library of movies showcases a world of unlimited possibilities enabling viewers to #LeapForth. The channel brings its viewers closer to horizon of new experiences, new journeys, hence inspiring them to break away from the regular and leap into something that they have never done.

Bringing the same experiences of unlimited possibilities, &flix caught up with industry stalwarts to know about their biggest leaps.

&flix spoke to Rohit Ohri, Group Chairman & CEO, FCB India to understand his idea of #EverydayLeaps, the possibilities and leaps that have been crucial in his journey till date. He also shares his views on constant reinvention of self and the importance of leaping forth to achieve what you aspire. He also wishes to embrace the possibilities of not just what is, but what could be.

Your idea of #EverydayLeaps is…

My idea of #EverydayLeaps is something new that you learn every day. To be able to take the everyday leap, I strive to lead an interesting and curious life, embrace the ‘The uncomfortable zone’, live things and consider one’s brain as a sponge.

To avoid getting stuck in the rut, your secret sauce to leaping forth into a world of unlimited possibilities is…

My secret sauce to stay out of the rut is to make friends with people who are smarter than you as they help bridge the knowledge-gap and also, help with self-realisation.

I also believe in the reverse Russian doll principle. I enjoy meeting people who are doing different and exciting things in life as they add new perspectives and bring fresh inspiration with them.

Being humble, being a learner and not letting one’s ego get in the way, are the key ingredients of the secret sauce that not only keeps you motivated, but also alive as it helps me to embrace new possibilities.

One superhero you relate to is…

The superhero I relate to is Batman… because he has ingenuity, not super powers.

Although he is not the most powerful hero in the DC Universe, Batman is certainly the most dangerous. What he lacks in super powers, he makes up for in other areas. He has a vast fortune, access to highly advanced technology, various martial arts skills, and possesses a genius level intellect.

In other words, he is a self-made superhero, and that’s why I can relate to him.

That one superpower that gets you going is…

Discovering a new paradigm of time and space, enjoying some exhilarating me-time, and hanging out with birds are some of the things that excite me about the ‘ability to fly’ superpower.

Marvel’s Venom has shown the world that sometimes it takes a little bit of bad to do some good. Your meaning of embracing your inner evil for a greater good is…

I use jealousy to push harder and higher!

In the world of creativity… jealousy is a negative emotion that can help create a positive momentum. Great ideas inspire greater ones, provided one recognises great ideas in the first place and uses them as inspiration to fly higher.

Your biggest leap in making the person that you are today is…

Theatre helped me make the biggest leap in self-belief. Through theatre, I found new confidence and a new voice.

Leadership Training Service (LTS) was an organisation that I was a part of, in my school. Being a part of LTS activities helped me discover my true self, unearthing my true talent. I morphed from being an underconfident and underachieving individual to one who made a positive impact and impression in school.

For you, the possibilities that lie beyond what meets the eye are…

I don’t obsess about the possibilities that lie beyond what meets the eye. If I can do justice to all that meets my eye, every day, I’ll be very happy. That’s my stress-free path to a successful future.

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