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Top Republic Day campaigns in 2024

Republic Day campaigns that captured the heart of a varied India.

1. Apollo Tyres

In a heartfelt tribute on the 75th Republic Day, Apollo Tyres, in collaboration with Resonance Digital, releases a touching digital video expressing unwavering support and respect for the nation's defence forces. This CG-powered film showcases Apollo Tyres as a symbol of strength, standing alongside the forces in snowy landscapes, dense forests, and desert expanses. Against the patriotic backdrop of "Vande Mataram," the video serves as a simple yet powerful testament to Apollo Tyres' commitment to honoring and supporting our armed forces.

2.  Godrej

In Godrej's Republic Day campaign, titled "Celebrating India's Diamond Jubilee," the brand exudes pride, acknowledging every achievement and global impact. With the hashtag #HeereJaisaMazboot, Godrej pays tribute to the nation's strength and resilience. As India marks 75 years of empowerment, the campaign embodies a celebration of the country's enduring spirit and its noteworthy contributions on the global stage.

3. Vistara

Vistara’s #RepublicDay campaign unveils ‘Vistara’s Symphony,’ a mesmerizing soundtrack inspired by India’s diverse sounds and instruments. Immerse yourself in the cultural melodies on your next Vistara flight or click the link to experience the harmonious celebration

4.  IIFL Home Loan

IIFL Home Loans unveils Bharosa Bhau, the fearless companion on the path from dreams to success! With the tagline "No fear when Bharosa Bhau is here! Ab Sapne #SaathHongeKaamyaab," observe this trustworthy partner confidently reassuring millions of Indians. When the one you trust the most believes in IIFL Home Loans, success becomes inevitable with ease and confidence.

5.  Axis Bank

Axis Bank extends an invitation to explore your India in moments both ordinary and extraordinary, simple yet remarkable. Embrace the uniqueness of each experience and uncover the India that authentically belongs to you. Discover the essence of your own journey in every special moment.

6. Kia India

Kai India commemorates a generation of brilliant minds, paying homage to the great nation on its 75th Republic Day. Here's to the enduring inspiration drawn from the nation. Wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day!

7. Hisense India

Hisense India reflects on the journey from watching parades as kids to witnessing India’s soaring achievements. Embracing a blend of traditions and groundbreaking innovations, we look forward to the future. Cheers to celebrating the nation’s progress and the spirit of Republic Day.

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