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Upskill in Digital Marketing with ISB for a high-growth career

What's the secret to a successful career? Knowing the answer is the difference between long-term growth and obscurity. Every individual devotes resources to define their career. But few ask the more important question: how to better it?

Consider branding. The internet era has made brands less durable, but it has also offered an impressive leap that tapped digital marketing, consumer habits and created new business models. The key is that long-term, sustainable success comes from moving with time and upskilling.

Upskill in Digital Marketing with ISB for a high-growth career

Digital marketing presents one such opportunity to ambitious professionals. The digital marketing career scope in India will be worth US$160Bn by 2025, three times the current value, according to Goldman Sachs. Becoming a digitally mature professional is essential to exploit the market gap with such a promising career outlook.

It also makes business sense. Nearly 73,321 Indian brands were advertising digitally in 2021, a 300% jump from the 21,467 brands in 2018, according to TAM media research, 2021. As these businesses engage in a battle of attention and retention of customers, they want professionals who can integrate digital marketing strategies with their business goals.

That's why the Indian School of Business (ISB), ranked 23rd globally by the Financial Times in 2021, has launched this career-defining programme to empower you to become an in-demand digital marketer.

Why enrol in ISB's Digital Marketing and Analytics programme?

Aimed at expanding your understanding of digital customer behaviour, learning to build digital marketing strategies, and identifying in-demand metrics to effectively measure and optimise ROI, this programme will prepare you for a rewarding career in digital marketing and analytics. You will learn digital marketing skills and strategies to stay robust and reliable even in our current ever-evolving economy.

Unlike other digital marketing programmes that focus only on dry theory, this programme uses practical exercises, real-world case studies, and Stukent Mimic Pro, an in-demand digital marketing simulation platform. The programme modules cover multiple aspects of digital marketing while developing your ability to:

1. Reach through digital marketing channels

2. Keeping customers engaged through effective engagement strategies

3. Using metrics to measure the success of campaigns

4. Analysing qualitative and quantitative data across the online customer journey

5. Optimising current digital marketing strategies to provide an effective online experience.

Upskill in Digital Marketing with ISB for a high-growth career

With such a thoughtful pedagogy, you will gain an end-to-end perspective of the digital marketing ecosystem and become industry-ready with a knowledge of how to plan revenue- generating strategies, use analytics to improve conversions and digital marketing ROI. When you complete this programme, you will be awarded a certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics from ISB.

How can this ISB programme be a game-changer for your career?

ISB has launched this programme in collaboration with Eruditus Executive Education, whose alumni work at organisations like Microsoft, ICICI Bank, Infosys, HDFC, Airbnb, TCS, Ola, Flipkart, JSW, Wipro, and many others. Eruditus will offer career support services to each participant: from building an impressive resume, LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, and job placement assistance. Not just this, you would also have a chance to participate in three 90-minute workshops from career management industry experts.

Whether you're an early-career professional, mid-level manager or entrepreneur, upgrading digital marketing skills has become essential to boost reach, conversions and ROI. India will reach one billion internet users by 2025 (Analytics Insight, 2020), and the digital marketing landscape will become more competitive than ever in 2021. The path to long-term career growth goes through well-planned and executed digital marketing strategies.

What better place to learn it than a world-class, globally recognized Indian university, where you will be part of the ISB Executive Network with benefits like learning and networking opportunities and access to exclusive events after the completion of the programme.

Enrol in this programme to achieve long-term business success and expansion as well as secure a high-growth career. For more information, visit the programme page for more details and apply by December 28, 2021.

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