Shantanu Pandey
Marketing Initiative

What does disappearance of your favourite digital stars have to do with Heineken® Silver? Let’s find out

Internet all over India is shocked by the disappearances of its stars. And it has something to do with Heineken® Silver.

Over the past few days internet icons like BeYouNick, Apoorva Arora, Krishna Shroff, Karan Tacker, Jordindian and several others have suddenly started disappearing. They are not seen as digitally active- which is unusual. Generally, these stars keep on posting about their life updates, their work or just the weather outside the window. The disappearance has created a lot of buzz around and developed intrigue among their followers who have gotten curious and are eager to know more

But wait! Let’s talk about it here. It has something to do with Heineken® Silver.

As a matter of fact, your favourite stars are safe and they have not disappeared. They were actually preparing for The Smoooothest Mega Party on 15th Oct at UB Tower, Bangalore. These Internet stars like Brodha V, Cyrus Sahukar, Anusha Dandekar have swooshed off their daily content on their handles leaving behind a message about a mega smooth party at UB Tower Bangalore.

The event is about a new product launch, Heineken® Silver. Audiences will have to register themselves and follow a few steps to get shortlisted for the event and can stand a chance to vibe with their favourite stars at the Mega party.

Heineken®, being true to its innovative ways, launched its new brand, Heineken® Silver by catching the attention of their audience, especially Gen Z, through a series of unexpected disappearances of their favourite internet stars to attend the Smoothest Mega Party in the country.

This event will be a one-of-a-kind experience with unexpected surprises never seen before in India.

And to join your favourite internet stars at the Smoothest Mega Party and to experience what’s going to go down there, register at and yes spread the word!

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