Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

With JK Super Cement as Title Sponsor, Dabang Delhi 'cements' its position in the semi-finals

Sporting events have lately found a sweet spot in the marketer's plan. The humongous and diverse reach that they bring in is unparalleled. Taking note of the immense potential, brands look forward to grab a piece of the pie, or jersey in this case. Therefore, in a time when brands want to ride on sporting extravaganzas but often fall short in creating sync with its own philosophy, JK Super Cement seems to have got the connect right. Standing true to its core proposition around durability and strength, India's most resilient cement manufacturer associated with our very own tough sport – Kabaddi.

JK Super Cement is the Title Sponsor for Dabang Delhi, a popular Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) team. The team qualified for the playoffs last year and currently holds the top spot in the ongoing season. The players sport a jersey with the brand logo in the front. With the homegrown sport gaining the momentum due to its cultural richness and quick game format, the sport has resulted in bringing the spotlight on the local talent - and even elevated them in becoming national heroes. With this ideology as its core, the brand leveraged the game in establishing a connect with its audience like never before.

The brand has robustly extended its support to the team. As part of the marketing plan, in addition to celebrating on social media channels, multiple campaigns have been created. Some of these include the ‘Wish Campaign’ on YouTube, opportunities for fans to watch the matches live via contests, creating engaging videos, and more. In addition to this, the brand has spent substantially on the sponsorship, channel partner engagement, on-ground activation such as roadshows, digital and social media activation, match passes, co-branded merchandising, etc.

With massive viewership stats and major following, PKL is today, a prime sports property. Hence, JK Super Cement's association with Dabang Delhi is surely a strong and smart move. Also, what makes this partnership more valuable is the mutual belief in delivering superior performances. Therefore, with this association, the brand has taken over the Kabaddi court, marrying its own philosophies of strength, durability, and consistency with that of the sport.