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YouGov Report - Unveiling Gen Z: Beyond Instagram Obsession

In today's digital landscape, understanding Gen Z is essential for marketers. Unlock their preferences and behaviour to drive brand growth. Go beyond social media with YouGov's latest report for valuable insights into Gen Z's lifestyle and aspirations.

Did you know that Gen Z is taking Instagram addiction to a whole new level? A staggering 28% of urban Indian Gen Z'ers are hooked to the platform, accessing it more than 10 times a day. These young trendsetters have seamlessly integrated Instagram into their daily routine, becoming masters of scrolling through endless feeds and engaging with their favourite influencers. But as marketers, do we know them beyond their doom-scrolling habits?

If you're a marketer ready to dive deep into the lives of the Zoomer generation, YouGov has the key to unlock their secrets. Our latest report, India’s Gen Z who love the ‘Gram offers an exclusive glimpse into the diverse lives of Gen Z, providing invaluable insights beyond their online behaviour.

Let's start by exploring the financial outlook of Gen Z Insta lovers. A whopping 72% of them are planning to save more money next year. Equipped with online tools, this generation is revolutionizing investing and saving like never before. By understanding their financial aspirations, you can tailor your marketing strategies to align with their goals and aspirations.

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Online shopping is the future, and Gen Z knows it. In fact, 49% of Gen Z Insta lovers believe that online shopping will be even more fun with augmented reality (AR). When it comes to vacations, Gen Z Insta lovers have specific priorities. 58% of them only want to eat, drink and lie in the sun when they go on holidays. In the era of capturing picture-perfect moments, these young wanderers prioritize rejuvenation and creating envy-inducing content. To capture their attention, discover the local destinations that dominate their consideration list in our report.

Streaming services have become an integral part of Gen Z's entertainment landscape. According to YouGov's report, 62% of Gen Z Insta lovers desire more group subscriptions for video and music streaming services. Uncover the online audio and video streaming platforms that Gen Z is considering the most and seize this opportunity to make an impact.

Download YouGov latest report, ‘India’s Gen Z, who love the ‘Gram’ to kickstart your market research journey and gain a quick overview of this influential audience for your next marketing campaign.

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Remember, while this report offers a glimpse into their profiles, a detailed analysis of this audience is within your reach. Experience the full potential of consumer insights by harnessing the power of YouGov Surveys. Marketers and agencies can dive deep into the minds of their target audience, whether it's Gen Z or any other segment, to inform their marketing and PR strategies accurately.

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