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Coca-Cola launches energy drink, Burn

Priced at Rs 75 in India, Burn has been present in more than 76 countries

Coca-Cola has launched its energy drink, Burn, in the Indian market. This is not Coca-Cola's first foray in the energy drink section in India as the company launched an energy drink, Shock, with the tagline, Unleash your wicked style, in 2001. However, the brand failed to strike a chord with Indian consumers.

Burn faces potential competition from established brands such as Red Bull and Cloud 9. Red Bull has made its presence felt in the urban market in India, with Cloud 9 trying to succeed in the same league.

Coca-Cola launches energy drink, Burn
Burn will use the global tagline 'Can you take the heat?' in the Indian market as well. Priced at Rs 75, it will be initially available in three cities – Mumbai, Delhi and NCR and Bengaluru, targeting youngsters and socially active adults who are regulars at pubs, clubs, resto-bars and discos.

Burn has a presence in more than 76 countries and is positioned as an energy drink that ignites and intensifies the experience. The key ingredients include guarana, taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, inositol and theobromine. The energy drink is being manufactured in and imported from Malaysia.

"However, Coca-Cola is open to the idea that the Indian sub continent can manufacture the energy drink," shares Ricardo Fort, vice-president, marketing, India and Southwest Asia.

Fort adds, "We have always assessed and researched the opportunities to expand and diversify our beverage portfolio. We are happy to announce the launch of our globally successful energy drink in India. I am sure that Burn's potent energy formula will find a special place amongst the trendy and socially active young adults."

Coca-Cola launches energy drink, Burn
The TV commercial for Burn has been developed by Karmarama, a London based agency.

Fort mentions that certain strategies from the globally successful communication will be utilised for the Indian market, too. Burn has conducted sampling at high end parties, pubs, resto-bars and clubs. Innovative merchandise was created with the Burn logo, which is an iconography of the flame. On-premise activation was also a part of the initial phase.

Fort says that as the drink is targeted at a niche segment, media vehicles will be employed accordingly.

Within a week, the energy drink will be available at high end, premium outlets and channels.

Fort joins the Indian scene from Coca-Cola Brazil, where he was the marketing director handling a portfolio of brands accounting for more than 50 per cent of the Brazilian soft drinks market.

Earlier, Venkatesh Kini held the position in the Indian market. He has now re-located to the company's Atlanta office as global vice-president, juice marketing.