afaqs! news bureauPublished: 12 Jul 2019, 12:00 AM
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Taggify, LATAM - Surfboard Digital signs contract with Eyetalk Media

Taggify, LATAM - Surfboard Digital has signed an exclusive 3 year contract with Eyetalk Media Ventures making it the first Indian DOOH Media company to be a on a Global Programmatic DOOH Ad Exchange. With this development both DOOH networks - TagTalk & BizTalk will be available online to advertisers and provide buyers with actionable audience insights, making OOH more accountable, accessible, flexible and more contextual.

Taggify founded by Julio Chamizo already has a strong presence in Latin American market and has been working with over 100s of brands like Google, GroupM, Starbucks, KFC, Santander, OMD, McDonalds, Volkswagen etc, Taggify ventured into Asia Pacific Market with Surfboard Digital founded by Shamilee Ilango making DOOH inventories available to buy on CPM basis online.

Taggify, LATAM - Surfboard Digital signs contract with Eyetalk Media
Julio Chamizo
Taggify, LATAM - Surfboard Digital signs contract with Eyetalk Media
Shamilee Ilango
Taggify, LATAM - Surfboard Digital signs contract with Eyetalk Media
Gautam Bhirani

"In Taggify we are very excited to start this venture in such an attractive market, one of the most interesting countries due to the crowded population walking on the streets. We have been transforming the outdoor advertising in Latin America and we believe this is a great opportunity to change the way Indian brands can reach their audiences in this field, offering real time bidding on every single screen showing the right message at the right location in the right time. This is our main goal, make OOH campaigns more effective." - Julio Chamizo , Founder & COO - Taggify

"Surfboard Digital is enabling technological infrastructure to all the DOOH publishers/ screen owners in India to now show ads real time as well as be programmatic ready. With the exclusive programmatic tie up with India’s fastest growing and biggest Urban DOOH Media Company - EyeTalk Media Ventures we are now the front runners for change in India, both their realtime networks connect with millions of urban audiences across the country which makes them a valuable partner for us and our clients." - Shamilee Ilango - Founder & CEO - Surfboard Digital - Asia Pacific Partner to Taggify.

At Eyetalk Media Ventures our focus on technology and content shows what we stand for. Both TagTalk & our new network Biztalk are content-first consumer engagement platforms backed by in house tech infrastructure which enabled us to transform offline space into live broadcast medium making it dynamic and programmatic ready. In an era dominated by digital and shaped by rapidly evolving technology advertising's oldest medium is finally taking the big leap with a new currency and moving towards automation making it extremely valuable for both advertisers and publishers, we are absolutely delighted to be on a Global Ad Exchange through this contract with Taggify - Surfboard Digital and driving India's Programmatic OOH journey. - Gautam Bhirani, Managing Director, Eyetalk Media Ventures.

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