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‘Dainik Jagran’ launches free English weekly, ‘City Plus’, for NOIDA and Gurgaon

Premium households in the two locations will be targeted, besides commercial complexes, malls, multiplexes and restaurant

Hindi-language stalwart ‘Dainik Jagran’ made a foray into English newspapers when it launched its weekly ‘City Plus’ for NOIDA on September 23. The same will be launched in Gurgaon on September 30. “The broadsheet will be distributed free of cost,” says Basant Rathore, GM, brand development, ‘Dainik Jagran’.

With the eight-paged, glazed, all-colour weekly, the group has its target groups clear and right on target. The choice of location followed the prevalent boom in the retail, real estate and BPO sectors, not to forget the surge in the number of commercial and residential areas in the last few years. Further, it was an obvious choice considering the high concentration of people from the upmarket and decision-making classes residing there. Also, these are the areas that see a relatively higher movement of people compared to the rest of the National Capital Region (NCR), and exhibit high potential for growth and development.

So, while major traffic areas like commercial complexes, malls, multiplexes and restaurants that abound in these areas are targeted, also in its sights are large gathering points such as gymnasiums, cafes and hospitals. Even within NOIDA and Gurgaon, particular sectors and localities have been identified for distribution, considering the higher number of prospective consumers there.

Besides, the Jagran Group has a pointed distribution strategy for this venture. This means unlike the conventional route adopted by other leading dailies that bundle free-sheeters along with their weekend papers in Delhi, the paper will be distributed through the group’s own distribution set-up. This is to ensure exclusive attention of the target readers.

Systematic qualitative and quantitative research along with market observation has backed the daily’s latest venture. The content of the paper mostly comprises advertorials and information that is relevant and useful to its readers. This would range from information about services delivered by whitewashers and drivers in the neighbourhood to where plasma television could be bought at a good deal. Besides, interactive sections, contests and coupons are also part of the weekly.

The paper has been rolled out to act as a platform between retailers and the consumer audience.

Since the idea is to convert intent into consumption, the advertisers are mostly of a retail nature. Rathore says that advertisers are essentially of a local nature, with advertisements for retail showrooms, big shopping areas, even those for computer maintenance, carpenters and furniture.

Further, depending on response and business factors, markets, the copies, number of pages and frequency of the paper will be scaled up, he adds.

Another development at the Jagran Group’s end is the ‘Dainik Jagran’ with a new look and feel that will be unveiled after next mid-week.

Rathore says that since the first page is actually noticed first, it was imperative to work on the masthead. He asserts that the daily has taken just a first step in decluttering the layout and giving the paper a neat look and visible character. Clarifying that constant change has always been a part of the paper’s policy, he says changes in the sections and content within the paper will follow suit. The changes have been effected on the basis of reader research and market feedback.

Asked if the group was mulling an entry into the mainstream English daily market, Rathore quips that it is too early to confirm this.

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