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Condé Nast gears up to roll out GQ in India

The monthly magazine for men is priced at Rs 100

Condé Nast, the US based publishing house, is all set to bring GQ to India. The fashion and lifestyle magazine for men will hit the stands on September 29.

Currently, the magazine has 14 editions in as many countries. It is being published in countries such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan and Korea.

In an email interview, Alex Kuruvilla, managing director, Condé Nast India, says, “GQ’s entry both coincides with and reflects the red-hot expansion of the luxury market catering to Indian men, who are earning and spending like never before, driving consumption in Asia’s third largest economy. At present, there is no magazine catering to their discerning needs. So, there is an opportunity to launch a luxury lifestyle product like GQ in India.”

Condé Nast gears up to roll out GQ in India
Alex Kuruvilla
GQ India will target the affluent male in the age group of 25-45 years, driving fast cars, buying stylish clothes, travelling abroad and dating, drinking and socialising to the hilt. It aims to serve as a guide to what it takes to look sharp and live smart, for affluent, intelligent, hip and influential men.

Kuruvilla believes that with annual household incomes of nearly $100,000 and an increasing proportion of disposable income going towards luxury brands, the GQ man is on par with his privileged counterparts around the world. He states that the magazine will help the discerning Indian male discover and develop his sense of style and individuality.

Elaborating on the content on offer, Kuruvilla adds, “GQ, the world over, is known for its standards in feature writing and photography. The Indian edition will reflect the same values. As the perfect blend of the finest Indian and international content, the GQ India pages draw the reader into dedicated sections, featuring fashion, cars, watches, technology, travel and all things luxury, in a global perspective.”

Condé Nast gears up to roll out GQ in India
Oona Dhabhar
GQ will hit the Indian market with an initial print run of 35,000 copies. The monthly is priced at Rs 100. According to Oona Dhabhar, director, marketing, GQ India, readers will not mind shelling out that amount, for, say, a 150 page premium fashion magazine.

Without revealing advertising or marketing budgets, Dhabhar maintains that GQ is making substantial investments in India. The stress will be on direct marketing and developing the subscription model. As of now, the publishers are taking heavily to outdoor media to catch the eye of the majority of affluent men, who are constantly on the move.

Dhabhar reveals that Condé Nast India has roped in the Living Media Group as its distribution partner. “The group is already distributing the publisher’s earlier and first title in India, Vogue. With a footprint covering the whole of the country, the Living Media Group will ensure that the title is effectively available and distributed across the top metros and 40 smaller towns and cities, covering our desired TG.”

Che Kurrien has been appointed as the editorial head for GQ India. Kurrien has worked with prestigious organisations, including Reuters, The Indian Express and Time Out Mumbai.

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