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Outlook in search of new tagline

The news magazine is looking for a new tagline and has kicked off a campaign for the same

Outlook, the weekly general interest news magazine, is looking at changing its existing tagline and will adopt a new one on its 15th anniversary in October.

Outlook in search of new tagline
Ever since its launch in 1995, the magazine has sported the tagline 'Weekly news magazine'. According to Suresh Selvaraj, president, Outlook, the magazine decided to flaunt a new tagline as "change is the only constant factor in these days of explosive and dynamic media world".

The group has planned a campaign surrounding the celebration of the journey, details of which are still being worked out. In the first phase, which kicked off on August 18 with a 'Think up a new tagline contest', the group is inviting advertisers and creative agencies to come up with a new tagline for the magazine which is sharp, pithy, meaningful and conveys Outlook's brand image.

He adds that different people perceive Outlook in different ways and it has been called 'The most exciting news magazine' or 'The most vibrant news magazine'. It would be interesting to know what the all-important constituent, that is the advertising fraternity, thinks of it."

The tagline contest will be open till September 3 and the winning entry will get a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh; while the runner up will get Rs 50,000.

Selvaraj says that Outlook is in its 'prime teen' period, which is an exciting and promising phase. "This is the phase where one's persona undergoes changes as well. It is very easy to sit in a boardroom and decide what we think befits the very ethos of Outlook or take it from a marketing consultant," he asserts.

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